Agi K on edits and Instagram!

I first started my interest in filmmaking by taking photographs and being interested in photography. I enjoyed it so much, that I took my camera everywhere. My mad love of photography started when I was 4…That was, till I discovered a video camera when I was 7, which became my new obsession. Being able to turn my photos into moving images and adding sound, effects, and playing around with editing, was a whole new world to me.

So three months ago I discovered Instagram and edits, editing is where you have 2 basic images/layers, and you collage or blend them together/cutting one image out and sticking it onto the other. I like Instagram to showcase and share my work as there’s no messaging on it, it’s just public commenting, liking and posting.
So go follow me on instagram, (if you have it, and if you don’t you should get it!) and check out my edits my username is agikproductions. Here are some of my edits!

To view my full collection of edits go onto my Instagram, you don’t need an account to view them!
It’s great fun thinking up the ideas, and then creating them and posting them, and reading all the lovely comments. Years ago, some of the great experimental filmmakers would of had to do this all by hand to make their films, which gave me an idea. As they had done, I added my edits into my music videos. I had to edit each frame by frame, it was very painstaking and tiring, and made you really appreciate how hard it was to make the first films! Anyway, here is my video combining edits and footage, it took 2 weeks to film and edit every day. It’s a lot of work, but very satisfying!

And here is another video I recently made using some of the same ideas and effects!

A while ago I was invited to be a beta tester for an app called videostar, I love doing this. It’s really exciting when you get sent the next update, testing out all the effects and send feedback. I take my iPad and camera everywhere, and I’m always looking for good locations and lighting, even if it’s the middle of a shopping mall and everyone’s starring at me, I’ll still film! And I was really happy when videostar posted a photo to instagram, of a collage they had made of my screenshots from my videos. with these words. It’s true the best thing about filming is being outside, turning locations into sets and everyday events into narratives! Open the comments and scroll right up to the top to see what they wrote about me (:

An edit I made especially for Magdalena with a magical mini world

An edit I made especially for Magdalena with a magical mini world

Magdalena loves watching me make edits, and tells me where I should place layers and effects. So I decided to make her an edit, She told me what effects she wanted, and then when I showed it to her she put her hand over her mouth and said “WOW! You’re the best sister ever” those are the sort of things that make life worthwhile. Here is the edit I made her: