Agi K film club, building the hackintosh and it’s my birthday!

Agi K directing at AgiK FilmClub

Today is my birthday. Whipeee! I want to thank you all, for all for your support of me and what I do, your encouragement, comments and feedback, for sharing of my films, for following me on facebook, twitter and spreading the word, your advice, and your donations!

(((drumroll))) AGNIESZKA PRODUCTIONS filmmaking fund has received £216 in donations this year! Thank you all so much. I have also earned money from dog walking and from running two *filmmaking workshops and a few tabletop sales. My family have contributed the rest and with the money we have nearly bought all the bits to build our editing suite!

Still required:

£220 for 32GB RAM

And WD red hard drives @£85 each

Blu-Ray DVD writer as a cheaper alternative to storage @ £90




AgiK FilmClub


Celebrations & Jubilations!

So, after all the difficulties I’ve been having trying to edit with imovie on a computer that keeps crashing…you will understand just how completely ecstatic I am to tell you that         ………….AGNIESZKA PRODUCTIONS dedicated editing suite is nearly up and running! And the next 2 episodes of this years “My Little Sister…films” will be made using it! Once we have the extra RAM and hard drives and tested it, and will be released later this year.
Also theres a spectacular preview of how great it’s going to be at end of this blog for you- I have a music video that I made testing it out, with new effects including fire explosions!




How did we get our dedicated video editing suite?

Agi K and Magdalena watching their Dad Building the computerMy Dad is great, he believes that everything is possible and said: “Don’t worry that we can’t afford the computer we need, we’ll build it ourselves!” That is how we do everything, all the information is out there, if you know what you want to learn, you just need to get on and learn it. Which is one of the ways I’m “home educated” some people think I sit down and “do” lessons like in school, but it’s nothing like that, it’s like this, you get inspired with a dream, you work out what you need to do to make your dream come real, then you start learning what you need to know, keep believing in it and work at it. There are constant distractions but the work is ‘to not to get distracted and stay focused.’ That’s what my mum says to me and helps me with, she says “home educating” me is like riding alongside a wild horse.

Agi K helping her Dad build the computerAnyway Dad inspires us with how he can do just about anything he puts his mind to, as well as working fulltime. So he just started researching and watching youtube tutorials. That’s us listening and watching one whilst we built it bit by bit! Once we found out what we needed we bought all the bits separately, looking around for the best prices, some second hand, even though this was a bit risky it all seems to work okay so  far. Well I say ‘we’ – I actually mean my Dad; with me and Magdalena watching him and watching the funny tutorials (yes seriously some of the people giving them make them very humorous!) Me and Magdalena passed him bits and then stayed very extra quiet whilst he worked out how to do the next bit. We couldn’t afford to change all the software, so we paid a great computer hacker (Rampagedev) from the U.S.A. $50, to recode the motherboard so that it would run the apple software, so now we have a ‘Hackintosh!’ It’s impressive what we’ve managed to create out of second hand parts and doing it ourselves.

For techies!

My Dad helped me with writing this bit! We have put in a 6-core i7 processor, a GTX670 2GB graphics card which makes rendering much faster and an SSD hard drive which means the computer reads and writes information really fast when working on a project. We have 32GB RAM which we are waiting to double to 64GB. We have started to put in some WD red hard drives for storing footage and will need to get more of these as a library as they fill up fast. We want to get a Blu Ray DVD writer too as this would be cheaper for storage. We got two screens second hand from ebay which means we can have all the editing on one screen and the preview on the other.

Here is my first film I’ve made with it,experimental editing with FIRE effects!

AgiK introducing Green Screen at AgiK FilmClub*Filmmaking Workshops

In May, I led two filmmaking workshops in our community centre, (which was the first introduction to Agi K film club which I will be running monthly). There were two workshops, one in the morning for under 7 year olds, and one in the afternoon for 10-13yrs.

Magdalena in her Spanish dress

They were both great fun and took lots of preparation and planning!  I made a video of Magdalena dressing up in different costumes to advertise the event and work out which colours worked best with a green screen. Mum and me and Magdalena laid out lots and lots of fancy dress costumes and props, they loved dressing up and choosing the effects and green screen backgrounds. Here is the video!



AgiK leading discussion at AgiK FilmClubIn the afternoon, it was a little more advanced. I let everyone choose and create their own effects, showed them editing techniques. I listened to their ideas, so that everyone’s ideas were incorporated into the video. At the end of the session I did a Q&A where everyone took it in turns to ask questions and give feedback. Then we showed the video to friends and family. Here is the video we made:

I am ever so sorry for such bad quality! I did so much editing onto it afterwards, that each time I re-edited it, it became less and less good quality.

Have you ever thought something was impossible and then found a way to make your dream come true? How did you do it? Have you built your own computer or anything else? Have you come up with interesting ways to raise money for your projects? Any other comments, suggestions, advice I love to hear your thoughts!