Agi K FilmClub

Agi K filmclub

Contact us if you would like to join us for a day of acting and filming with Agi K filmclub – sessions last most of the day and are a fun filled mix of making films, team building games and watching and discussing films led by National Youth Film Festival Award Winner Agi K & Anita.
Each session is a complete project in itself so you need no prior experience to come along. Agi K FilmClub Started in April 2013, some of the most recent music videos are at the top with the earliest at the bottom.
Each club session costs £15
Watch some of our Agi K filmclub music videos below
October 2015 Halloween video

December 2014 Christmas music video

October 2014 Silent movie spooky spoof

March Agi K filmclub Big Synchro Dance Video “choreographing for dance film”
January Agi K filmclub music video “utilising moving backgrounds with greenscreen”

Nov/Dec Agi K filmclub music video “utilising outside locations”

Reserve your place quickly (via our contact page) if you want to come on our Filmclub Trip to the cinema screening of the great “Safety Last” film at Aberystwyth Arts Centre on Thursday 24th October. This will be a FREE screening as part of the National Youth Film Festival.
October Agi K filmclub music video “Film Noir”

September Agi K filmclub music video

July Agi K filmclub music video

May Agi K filmclub music video

Here is the mini music video that we made with the under sevens!