Agi K films The Reveal – Heart & Sold exhibition 2014

“Some very exciting news! Young but very talented film maker, Agnieszka Kolaczynska will be filming at the private viewing and celebration party for The Reveal…Agi will be interviewing artists and their families and capturing moments throughout the evening to produce a film that will match her previous wonderful, innovative and inspirational works.” release by  director of Heart & Sold, Suzie Moffat
Agi K editing Inside the REvealI’ve been commissioned to make a film for Heart And Sold. So I’ll be filming at the private view and celebration party of The Reveal in  London, near the Tate Modern and I’ve been working really intensely on storyboarding and learning all about copyright issues, filming permissions and all the paperwork and equipment needed to film a live event and produce what I want from it.

The last time I was at The Southbank was last November when I won the NYFF award and we went to the Tate to celebrate and I started a music video (which I’ll be able to finish whilst we’re down there again!) So it feels a  bit like carrying on the next chapter in a book. I love how life happens like that. So what’s ‘The Reveal’ ? It’s a visual art exhibition with works created by artists (who happen to also have D.S.) and I’ve been asked to make a film about it  ‘Agi K style’  which gives me the freedom to have fun.


The Reveal poster for the exhibition by Heart & Sold artists collectiveThe exhibition is premiering during the week long celebrations of World Down’s syndrome day from the 17th to the 21st March 2014. I’m excited  about  interviewing the brilliant artists and hearing what they have to say! They all have incredibly inspiring, and unique artwork that I absolutely love. As an artist, it is always great to see and talk to other artists so I’m feeling excited that I will be interviewing them! I am thinking of interesting questions to ask right now, What would you like to know? Or what would you like to be asked, if I was interviewing you? Write your questions for me to ask below !

There are 11 artists exhibiting, some from exotic places such as Hawaii and Nigeria, and most of them will be at the private view or celebration party. I love meeting people from different countries and places. Here are three of those artists to give you a taste of the show:
Lester Magoogan (isn’t that an awesome name?) I just like saying it. He is one of the artists coming. I really love his drawings! You have to check them out. I love how he starts by just drawing simple lines, and then the lines turn into a really awesome character! See one of  live drawings here. He also brings his drawings to life with his funky animations. Lester is also going to drawing LIVE and the works will be up for auction. I’d love him to draw me and my little sister, Magdalena I wonder if he will?
Tazia Fowley well, she has a special way with colour and shape. I love her paintings, they are really beautiful, I love the colours and materials that she uses. And I love how she paints from something and gives it her own completely unique style! I love the colour and the softness they have. Check out her great paintings here. I can’t wait to see them big!
John Kelting a portrait painter with a swirling gusto. I love his paintings as they are bursting with colour, and are painted in a Picasso sort of way, they are really enjoyable to look at and very exuberant!

I will be shooting footage for TWO films over the week.

1. A  short promotional film capturing the essence of ‘The Reveal’ and this will be broadcast live for the  econference for World Down’s Syndrome Day 321econference where the director of Heart & Sold,  Suzy Moffat will be giving a presentation.

2. A longer film with a fantasy twist. I will be composing my own soundtrack to accompany this film too and it is going to be my major film project for this year (as well as the continuing “My Little Sister…” series. I have been very adventurous in the development of the idea and it will involve all my editing skills and be a crossover between the style of my music videos and “My Little Sister” docs. I’m really excited about this and think the artists involved will love it too!

S.O.S. I’m actually hunting for someone to loan me a directional mic and a GoPro camera (for some specific action shots I want to get) for the week if possible (I’m unpaid so rely on kind loans) so please if you know anyone in London who could lend me these (even just for the Monday shoot)

Agi K & MagdalenaWe love going to art galleries because it’s amazing to see the full sized image, and see the textures and marks. Paintings have a real energy about them and I love to experience that in real life.  Do you have any original artwork in your home? Tazia, John and Lester’s artwork is a really good price for what they’re worth, you can buy Tazia’s work here, John’s here and Lester’s here . I am very excited to be filming the event, this will be my first time filming and interviewing artists, so I am very excited!

On March 2nd I ran a big synchro dance music video workshop with my Agi K film club! A while back, when I was watching Slumdog Millionaire (it’s a really good film, you should definitely check it out!)  I heard M.I.A’s Paper Planes song, I had recently downloaded the whole of my older sister’s iTunes library on my iPad, to give me more songs to make music videos to. Included in the wide song selection was Paper Planes, I’d only listened to it once when I was sifting through the music, and I thought the song was brilliant! It had a great beat and catchy lyrics, when I heard it accompanying the scene in Slumdog Millionaire it sounded even better.
My next film club session was coming up, and we had a lot of people booked in, so I wanted to do something big, new and a bit more special! I had a think about it, and then I thought of how I love dancing, and thought how it would be great to choreograph a dance, then perform it with my film club making it into a music video! With plenty of synchro moves and dance ideas in mind, I scrolled through my music library and once again stumbled across Paper Planes. As soon as I saw the title of the song, I knew that the song would just be perfect! So, here is the video!

Well, it’s going to be a busy few weeks as I’m editing a special music video of me and Magdalena for Down’s syndrome day 21st March: ‘Friends with My Little Sister…’ I just shot it today on the hill in the sunshine- so watch out for that, Magdalena is great in it. Also I’m going to be meeting one of my YouTube friends called Sam, and we will be filming a special collab which will be uploaded the week after…also working on filming Abi Foster’s official music videos…and the ©My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome) book series’, which includes our sugarfree recipe book called ‘©Cooking with My Little Sister’ full of our ‘delicious sweet nourishing treats’

I also want to say a HUGE thank you for 14k on my instagram! That’s amazing 😀 like wooow, that’s fourteen thousand people who clicked the follow button, and who like and comment on my photos! And the biggest thank you ever because I also just reached 8k on my YouTube channel!

Here in Wales the lambs are being born and catkins are out. Me and my little sister have been enjoying the sun at last and are being outside as much as we can. Here’s a film from the ‘Mini My Little Sister (who happen’s to have Down’s syndrome)’ series from last Spring: