What’s MozFest?

I’m excited to be delivering sessions next week at #MozFest. It’s going to be like a giant jamming session for the web. Banter, coding, hacking. Collaborating in hands-on practical pods of discussion and sharing and making.
Mozilla Firefox international festival is the worlds leading event for and by the open internet movement. Everyone’s welcome to come and join in the debate, explore and build the future of our lives online. You can get your tickets here.
I’m going to be running sessions in the Arts and Digital Culture space, that this year is being hosted by Arts Award
As well as delivering my workshops I’m excited to be participating in everyone elses, there are sessions based around every aspect of life in this internet age. There’s even a session on using minecraft for internet activism, an expedition session taking you on a virtual guided tour across the world and making your own jewellery using lasers.
“MozFest is an annual festival where hundreds of passionate people gather to wield the Web for good. We create, teach and learn as a community in order to make the Internet, and by extension the world, a better place. Guiding the festival is Mozilla’s core learning vision: learning should be hands-on, immersive, and done collectively.” MozFest
MozFest 2016 is set to receive over 2000 visitors and play host to sessions from over 300 individuals and organisations, and there are SO many brilliantly themed hands-on sessions to get involved with, and a science fair on the Friday. Spaces are physical and thematic learning hubs based around topics such as Journalism, Youth zone, Dilemmas in connected spaces, Fuel the movement, Localisation, Demystify the web, Open Science and Open badges. These spaces host sessions led by individuals and groups delivering innovative practical workshops. There’s also lightening talks, fireside chats and debate and discussion. Check out some of the speakers here. Check out the full three day programme here.
So, I’m delivering workshops on The Art of Vlogging with an aim of inspiring people to use vlogging to get their messages out on a vast platform. I’m going to give a Demo on how vloggers can use digital media inventively and explore a range of creative techniques. We will share ideas about ‘vlogging futures’ it’s role in transmitting and creating culture, and collaborate with each other on manifesting our visions into the vlogging arena. I’ll be following this discussion and Demo session with a practical workshop on vlogging at live events with 1,2,3, Vlog,Edit,Upload! in collaboration with oakwellbarns Arts Award Centre  where participants will learn to vlog, edit and upload live from the festival. This is going to be a lot of fun, learning specific camera, reportage and editing skills creatively. In pairs, a 20 minute race, where everyone’s a winner, to capture footage to return to base to edit with artistry to create a 50 second ‘dialogue vlog’ all on their phone! Aiming to show the power at our fingertips to comment and report on live events from wherever we are to share information instantly, worldwide.
Agi K with camera 2016
I’ve been interviewed this week about MozFest by Tom Innis from Arts Award Voice, you can read it here.
It’s going to be a very exciting weekend, surrounded by enthusiastic creatives everywhere, everyone will have the chance to try and learn something new! Adult tickets are £45, but, check this out; Youth tickets are only £3 and they give access to all events taking place at the festival throughout the weekend, including beverages, lunch and all sorts of goodies!

“MozFest is populated with people that are open, friendly and eager to help. Participants of all ages and skill levels are welcome. We believe that everyone has something to contribute” MozFest

You can find out more and buy tickets here

If you are doing your Arts Award, there will be plenty of opportunities to build your portfolios, with Arts Award Advisers around to check in with. If you are  want to gain your Arts Award but don’t have an Arts Award centre near you, oakwellbarns centre is an independent centre which specialises in mentoring via video conferencing and being fully inclusive.

Next post I’ll be reporting back from MozFest!