Agi K wins the Ones To Watch Award at the National Youth Film Festival Award Ceremony 2013

Agi K at Vue Cinema with one to watch award 2013We’ve just come back from London, with an amazing experience never to forget! As you might have known previously, I was nominated for the National Youth Film Festival’s ‘Ones To Watch’ Award. So last Friday Magdalena, me and my Mum and Dad went down to the Glitzy Gala Award ceremony at the Vue Cinema in Leicester Square with all the other industry selected nominees.







Agi K & Magdalena with the One to Watch award

Magdalena loved clapping the clapper board trophy!

Magdalena and me were very excited throughout the whole ceremony, but I was also very nervous! It was incredible viewing my film on the big cinema screen. When my name was called out as the WINNER! of my category I was so overwhelmed with excitement! I am just 11 and was the winner of the One To Watch Award for the 11-15 category.

I felt it was pretty neat to have won this, being self-taught and working on my own on every aspect of my films with no funding or support from any film school or film teachers or organisations. I couldn’t stop smiling as I had won an award for doing the thing I love the most and do every single day for as much of the day as I can!









Agi K being presented with the award by Jim Carter from Downton Abby

I couldn’t actually believe I was being awarded the award! I met some amazing people, producers and directors and it was just like the Oscars! With all the tension, suspense, dramatic music and lights. Definitely an experience that will be staying with me forever (: Scroll down to the bottom of this link to see me and Magdalena with the other award winners, the films I make aren’t featured on this page as the award was for all of me as a filmmaker and all of my films were judged together, you can also see on this website all the other winners with links to their films and see all the exciting stuff that First Light do. (First Light are now know as IntoFilm-edited 2016)








Here is Jim Carter from Downton Abbey presenting me with my award. He was really nice, realizing I was nervous and making me feel comfortable on the stage! After presenting me with my award, Jim took me, Holly and Connor to the press room, where he was asking me all about my films and being home educated. Then there were lots of lights, photographers, cameras and interviewers.

Agi K with Jim Carter at the NYFF Award ceremony 2013

When I met all the producers or directors, I didn’t know too much about them, which I guess was kind of good! Because I met the person not the actor/director/producer for them doing what they were doing, because if I had known all of the films they’d directed and acted in, then I’d just be full of compliments and we probably wouldn’t be able to of had the interested conversations that we did!

Everything happens for a reason (;








Agi K awarded One to Watch award with Eric Fellner at NYFF 2013I also got to meet Eric Fellner, the co-chairman of Film Nation UK, and producer of an incredible 109 films, (see here) including Les Miserables, Love Actually, which is my big sister Isabella’s favourite film! And also produced Nanny Mc Phee, Wild Child, Anna Kareniner, Shaun Of The Dead, Pride and PrejudiceBridget Jones’s Diary, and many other well known films. the award ceremony also had two awesome hosts, they were Ben Willbond & Laurence Rickard from Horrible Histories and they were very funny! Eric is producing their new series Yonderland which started last Sunday.

One of the great things about the award ceremony was that I got to meet lots of other people passionate about filmmaking like me! It was a great experience and it was fulfilling to get recognition for what I love to do, and spend all day doing!







Agi K's NYFF certificate and goody bag 2013We also had a great surprise, because on our seats were NYFF goody bags! Including a First Light newspaper, popcorn, Movie Icons Orson Wells book, a NYFF pen, a shortlisted congratulations certificate & a Filmclub wristband.

My wristband was perfect (; as it said:

“Where we’re going we don’t need roads”






Award winners Agi K & Holly Jacobson

It was great to meet the other ‘One to Watch’  winners in the younger and older age categories, they were; Connor Fife winner of the 16-19 category and Holly Jacobson, we’d spoken on twitter beforehand once we’d known we were both shortlisted, and found out we had quite a bit in common! We’re both a similar age and she is also obsessed with filmmaking like I am, and is also home educated! We may work on a film together in the future (: Here we are together.









Agi K and Magdalena in cafe opposite the Vue Cinema, Piccadily

Magdalena saying “you’re the winner Agnieszka! I love your films”

Afterwards when we got out of the cinema, it was pouring with rain and wanted to celebrate so had pizza in a tiny cafe with huge glass windows, Leisceter Square looked beautiful in the rainy dark with all the lights, we then went to the Tate Modern and stayed there till late at night making films, and drawing on their interactive screens. Isn’t it great that art galleries are free! I love them.








Magdalena enjoying the rain as we headed home!Magdalena really enjoyed getting drenched in the rain afterwards. She was squealing and laughing, it was great to hear her celebrating in her own way.

So in the Tate Modern, there was this whole room with neon lights, and as soon Magdalena had entered the room we were stuck there for the next forty five minutes!





Visiting the neons in the Tate modern with Magdalena after the NYFF ceremony.

Magdalena's response to Rothko.

Magdalena’s response to Rothko

Magdalena absolutely loved the colours! Click on the image to see it big. She was very loudly singing to the lights and lying on the floor wriggling around. At first, one of the security guards came over and asked us to please make her quiet. But after we explained about her sight impairment and how she was mesmerised by the coloured lights and this was her way of expressing joy, she was so magnetised to them…the stern security guard started to smile and laugh with joy at Magdalena’s happiness, I bet no one had ever appreciated those lights or looked at them as long as Magdalena did! The security guard was then so touched that she even said she was going to suggest that the management make a sensory room! I hope they do, might follow them up on that one! The other artist that Magdalena loved and I do too, is Mark Rothko, the room where his paintings are hung had a strong energy about them and the colours were awesome, subtle, deep and blended really cooly together. The paintings had a big effect on Magdalena, who chose one she liked the best and lay down next to it, not caring at all about everyone having to walk around her. I love the way Magdalena interacts so directly with art and everything she experiences!

Making a music video on the balcony of the Tate Modern after the NYFF ceremony

But of course, my day wouldn’t be complete without making a video! I was editing on the way to the ceremony, and filming my next music video in The Tate whilst mum, dad and Magdalena looked round the exhibitions. I’m sure you’ll see it on YouTube soon! It was a great place for filming because there were lots of interesting sculptures and paintings to film against, including this awesome balcony overlooking the Thames, it was an fantastic place for filming, as you could see all the buildings lit up against the dark sky.

The Press!
So excited that the BBC has put a live link to the My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome) series on their press coverage of me winning the award, the reporter watched the films and loved them, so great how this is bringing more awareness about Down’s syndrome, and seeing the person not the disability, click on link below:
“Sister’s Youth Film Festival Award”


Click on image to read the article in the County Times 14th Nov.2013

Click on image to read the article in the County Times 14th Nov.2013

Click to Read Cambrian News article.

Click to Read Cambrian News article.


So no blog would be complete without a new film for you to see,
SO here is my latest music video!

I discovered a new technique of editing, which is much more tedious, but also very effective!
I edit each 0.1 second frame bit by bit, exporting it into different software to add on effects and then exporting it back etc.
This took me weeks to film and edit, I hope you enjoy it!

And if you want you can, go and comment on it on YouTube
by clicking right here.

When I arrived back home, I had a lovely surprise; Videostar, the music video making app that I’m a beta tester for – they had made me a congratulations video! It was a brilliant last thing to end the fantastic trip to London. Thank you!!

Overall it was a fab experience, and very inspiring and thanks especially to everyone at Film Nation, NYFF, Firstlight who made the day so brilliant!
Thanks also to all of you reading my blogs and watching my films for your comments, encouragement, emails and donations.
Thanks especially to my fabulous Mum, Dad, Isabella and Magdalena who make everything possible for me.
Look out for some more films coming your way soon!

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