Automatons Hugo and Machinations

Humans have always liked the idea of something being copied and made to look like them, and be like them. Like robots, for example, some robots look really human, and we are always curious as to how they can move and talk without a ‘real’ body, or a ‘real’ mind.
Automatons are models, with machines inside them, in the form of people or animals. They can look exactly like an animal or person, or sometimes they can have their clockworks showing (which I think looks really interesting) Each automaton has a single talent that they can do to entertain you.
So to make it simple; an automaton is a self-operating machine, used for work or for entertainment. Here is a clip of a clever clown Automaton:

In Martin Scorsese’s film, “Hugo” (you can read my review of it by clicking here) is about an automaton, a boy named Hugo, and about Georges Melies…A real automaton was made for the film, that can draw, and help Hugo, to find his father, by giving him a sort of message…after seeing the film I am fascinated with automatons.
We are very lucky, because we live near an Automaton museum, called Machinations:

We have our own Automaton, a monkey who plays the guitar, he is called Koko Junior, and he used to belong to my great grandmother, Dot Cowley who bought him at a second hand shop when my Grandpa was about 19. Koko still works, playing his guitar. Here is a film I made this morning of Koko:

In August, I am going to take the challenge of making my own Automaton that works! Not a big one, but a small one, It could be an animal or a person…
I will write about how I make it on my blog in September.
There are still Automatons working from over 200 years a go, three of which were so famous that they travelled all over Europe and were showed to kings and queens. The three ‘animated dolls’ were created by clockmaker Pierre Jaquet-Droz , to attract customers, and help sell his clocks.
People say these inventions were the beginnings of the computer” The Writer Automaton has an input device to set tabs that form a programmable memory, 40 cams that represents the read only program, and a quill pen for output.” -Quoted from the writing underneath the video this blogger took of her children visiting the museum in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

In Japan, they have created robots, that look exactly the same as a human being, the only thing that I can see to stop them from being mistaken for human is their robotic voices. Their inventors think that they can use the robots to help people, say for example, help elderly people around the house maybe.
This is a video of them:

Before I finish this blog post, perhaps you’d like to see film of a incredibly realistic robot?

Do any of you have automatons or have you ever seen any? Have you ever heard of them?