Barcelona,Picasso,Miro,Gaudi and bodyboarding

Agi K at cathedral in Barcelona

This Summer of 2012 now I’m 10, has been so busy! I saw the Olympic Torch in Sussex, we went to Barcelona (the main theme of this blog), We’ve had new bunnies, 2 of my teeth have fallen out, and I have my last 7 baby teeth (really) wobbly, I’ve been making big blackberry pies, We had our Down’s Syndrome Support Group summer gathering, I went to the Picasso museum (that was incredible!) I’ve been watching Great British Bake Off, inspiring me to complete my cookery book “Sweetness without Sugar”and we had a fundraising concert for our D.S. support group, and I was selling raffle tickets and drawing them with one of my best friends Josie, I’ll be writing about all that in my next blog. Let’s start with the biggest, and best thing of the summer going to Barcelona!

Our Trip To Barcelona

Agi K and Magdalena on the aeroplane with mumThis was the first holiday we have had with Magdalena and Dad was working in Barcelona so we all went along. It was SO exciting. The flight was quick and fun. Two hours went by in a whiz, and besides I had to catch up on my diary (as seen in picture). At first, big panic-I had NO pen! But the assistant lent me her biro. Phew!

When we were off the aeroplane, it was SO hot it felt like a hair drier was blowing in your face. The air was warm, but the temperature was boiling, even though it was seven in the evening!

It was an amzing city.

There was a cathedral in the centre of Barcelona. It was very unusual and enchanting. It had geese that had been there for hundreds of years (the geese weren’t hundreds of years old…They’d bred) living on the water inside the cathedral. They were quite comical and dignified. The city itself has a lot of history. Because it is an autonomous Provence of Catalonia, with its own language, government, and police. It’s an ancient Medieval place, with Medieval buildings, cathedrals and streets still standing to this day. They were constructed sometime between the 11th and 13th centuries, in a Romanesque style.


On the way back there was some amazing clouds

On the way back there was some amazing clouds

The Goudi park was like a fairy tale

The Goudi park was like a fairy tale

The markets were so vibrant and colourful in Barcelona

The markets were so vibrant and colourful in Barcelona










Tapas with friends

When we got to our apartment in Badalona (Badalona is just on the outside of Barcelona), our friends came over and cooked us some traditional Tapas, which were delicious.







The sea was so warm and nice, I could swim lengths and go underwater, and I also went body boarding a lot with my body board.One night, we went to the beach and the waves were dangerously big, I did some bodyboarding, but I had to be careful I didn’t get sucked under the waves! Here are some photos.

Agi K learning to bodyboard

Agi K learning to bodyboard







I admit I had a couple of (BIG) wipeouts, but they were really fun!

It was just so fun! It felt amazing. Every 7 waves there would be the king of them all, a huge one, which sometimes I couldn’t ride on because it was so dangerous. It had such a force it pulled up all the arcane pebbles and seaweed on the bed of the sea.

Agi K bodyboarding with her Dad

Dad helped me to learn how to body board

There was quite a lot of surfers on the beach, there was one opsimath who was learning to bodyboard. I’d never body boarded in my life, I have surfed and kayaked down rivers, but never body boarding. In Wales, the sea is too cold to enter!









The most exciting thing of the whole trip for me I think, was going to the Picasso museum. You weren’t allowed to take photos, But I took one for my blog (Blog’s can be a handy excuse!).

Agi K at the Picasso art gallery in BarcelonaThe man at the side of the bed is Picasso’s father. On the opposite wall showed sketches Picasso did to work out the best angle, and the best choice of material. One was pastels, others were chalk, some pencil, others acrylics and other types of paint. I’d never thought of sketching a drawing out before you painted the final one. I’ve always just gone and drawn it out!







I love this one.

Why? Well, obviously because of the horse (I love horses) and also because it’s such a good style! I’ve never tried out different styles before. Well, I guess I did when I started drawing, I developed my style.

Picasso started with an accurate and life like style, then he turned it into his swirly colourful style later on.







We also went to the Miro museum, which was a long bus journey up a very steep hill.

Agi K at Miro art gallery in Barcelona


<— This was my favourite painting, because I love the colours and the bold person, and I love the frame-it goes so well with
the painting!





Agi K at Miro art gallery in BarcelonaI love the way the colours have run and blended in, very beautiful. I’m going to try a painting like that!







Miro wall-hanging in Barcelona

This wallhanging was massive!

You can see how big by the person below!

Even in weaving Miro hasn’t lost his creative style. I love how many shapes together can create something so wonderful!

Some of his paintings are quisquos, but have plenty of space, and don’t give you a headache.







Agi K & Magdalena on the metroThe metro was very handy, quick, fun and easy. Surprisingly, Magdalena loved it! Normally she doesn’t like crowded places, but she loved watching the train come in and out of the station, and getting on and off, and waving bye bye to it. We bought a T50 for the metro, which meant you had 50 rides anywhere on the metro or buses, we bought it in advance and it was very handy.










Agi K & Magdalena eating ice cream in BarcelonaYou’re probably thinking, Why on earth is Agnieszka  eating ice cream? I thought she didn’t eat sugar! That’s right, I’m eating ice cream! But you got one bit wrong. It’s sugar free! It was delicious. Here I’m eating mango and lemon sorbet.

It was a friendly family run business that had been there for more than a 100 years!







Ice-cream in Barcelona


The ice cream was delicious, and me and Magdalena learnt the way to the ice cream shop all the way from the metro in the centre of Barcelona.





Ice-cream in Barcelona

I’ve never tasted such nice ice cream! It’s urged me on to make more ice cream, and try making new flavours. There was so many exotic flavours, some I’d never heard or thought of.

Like, have you ever heard of gooseberry ice cream? Or melon?





Sugar free home made ice-cream in Barcelona

I highly recommend the ice cream shop! It’s called La Campana. If you’re ever outside the metro in the middle of Barcelona, just ask me directions!

I had great fun practising my Spanish, making friends with children, asking for directions, and shopping at the markets. Thanks to a brilliant website called memrise, that has a brilliant method of learning, I highly recommend it. I’m continuing learning Spanish as well as other languages and many other topics, I’ve also created my own learning courses on it that you can try if you like! They are free, just contact me through my contact page.







Agi K Gaudi

We also went to the Gaudi park. It was so beautiful and creative. There are mosaics everywhere. I loved climbing and exploring things. It was great fun! Gaudi’s architecture is all over Barcelona, it’s curvy, colourful, playful and surprising.







Gaudi & Agi K

The scale and shape of everything was serial and beautiful. Going to Barcelona was a fun inspiring experience I won’t forget.

I’ve got many more photos as memories, and hey, I’ve got my Barcelona diary!

All my diaries I’m going to publish when I’m older. Don’t worry, friends, I’ll change names, and some key things.

Goodness! I’ve written 1281 words!


Agi K in Badalona

My next blog is going to cover all the topics I said at the begining… new bunnies, blackberry pies, graffiti/Banksy….So a fun blog. Hope you’ve enjoyed my blog about Barcelona.