Dog Walking

Dog walking

Me & Dolly. It was really cold so Dolly was wearing a coat 🙂 also the black things on her lead are poo bags

Me and Magdalena really, really, love dogs! Ever since I was tiny we’ve always wanted a dog. Our neighbours have a collie called Joe, (me and Magdalena always called him Joe Dog) ever since I can remember, he was a puppy around when I was born, and I used to curl up next to him when I was a baby, and so I’ve grown up with him, he’s now 9 years old and I’m 10. I still love him loads! Whenever I get the chance I play with friends’ dogs and when I was little I used to beg mum and Dad for a dog. Some of the reasons why we can’t have a dog are:

1) we live around loads of sheep, so I wouldn’t be able to let the dog off loose in the garden.

2) we travel a lot, so it wouldn’t be very nice for the dog to have to stay with other people all the time

3) It’s quite a lot of work, and I already have a guinea-pig & 2 rabbits, also the dog might chase them.

So…Now you know that ever since I was little I’ve wanted a dog, but instead of going into ‘victim mode’ I’ve come up with an idea to take other people’s dogs for walks! At the moment I take the pet shop lady’s dog for a walk, ‘Dolly’. I take her for walks weekly for an hour or so, and its very fun, by the end of our walk we’re breathless and I’m laughing! I also get some pocket money from the lady I walk Dolly for. I’ve been putting it towards rabbit food and my filmaking fund…I’ll post an update on the equipment and what’s happening with the next films on my birthday blogpost next Tuesday!

So if you’ve always wanted a dog, then why not walk someone’s dog for them? Do you know anybody who can’t get out of their house much who has a dog? If you walk someones dog, or would like to, then please comment below! You’re doing them a favour, and you’re having fun at the same time, that makes the world a friendlier place.

Now, here is my latest music videos!
The first one I’m going to show you is a lyric video (not my normal type of video huh?) I just had an idea…and well I guess I put it into action!

Enjoyed it? I hope so, It took forever!
Whilst Isabella is away at music school, Magdalena misses her loads. And she likes to go in Isabella’s bedroom, in her bed.
Saying: “I miss Isabella, I want her come home.” So the other day I suggested we made a music video for her. Magdalena wasn’t too sure, because it’s quite tiring for her making a music video, because there’s so many clips. And for the video I wanted to do (to Isabella’s favourite song) it didn’t have any words, just audio, so I thought we could do animation (which takes forever). To convince Magdalena to do it, I said I’d paint her face. She chose from her face paint book, and chose a butterfly, this is me painting her face:





Magdalena loved having her face painted and choosing the colours.

She described it as “nice” and felt “tickly.”                                                                                     So here is the video!