(Don’t Mess Around) With My Little Sister! – Quick blog post for beginning of February!

Agi K and Magdalena wearing Keep Calm T-shirtsHello Guys! So yes, I’m disappointed to say that I am still staring at a crashing computer that I can’t edit very easily on! But I am happy to say, I have marked nearly 5 hours worth of film across different hard drives that I will be using for the film. I am aiming to put it out on World Down Syndrome day on March 21st.

World Down Syndrome day is on the 21st of the third month, because “A person with Down’s syndrome  has 3 copies of the 21st chromosome instead of 2 so they have an extra chromosome…It is a naturally occurring chromosomal arrangement that has always existed and is universal across racial, gender and socio economic lines” – Quoted from the Canadian Down Syndrome Society. So this is why World Downs Syndrome Day is celebrated on the 21st day of the third month! And explains the wording on the T-shirts! The Down Syndrome Association are selling the T-shirts me and Magdalena are wearing in the photo. You can buy yours here to raise funds for the D.S.A. and to raise awareness about Down’s syndrome: Keep Calm T-shirts from the DSA
But I do have a film treat for you whilst you’re waiting! Yesterday when it was all glum & rainy, I sifted through mum and dad’s old music, and found a very old American tune by Michelle Shocked, so me and Magdalena had great fun dressing up in our new T-shirts and other fine clothes 🙂 and making a music video to ‘(Don’t You Mess Around) With My Little Sister’, hope you it puts a smile on your face! Please leave a comment below, or here on YouTube:
I also have a new Facebook page that you can view more of my films on: My Facebook Page
See you in my next blog post! Do you have little sisters & brothers that you look out for? If you do I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!