Endangered Animals

drawing by Agi K

Endangered Animal Course 2011

I’ve created a course called Animals In Danger. Click here to try out my course. It’s fun and it’s free!

panda drawing by Agi K 2011Endangered animals

I have created my own course on endangered animals, click here to go to my course, it’s called ‘Animals In Danger’! It’s fun and free.

Did you know, there are lots of endangered animals, like pandas, tigers, organ-utans, yellow crested parrots, polar bears, whales…loads. One way to help animals is to adopt one, think of an animal that is endangered,like a panda, and you could then pay £3 a month, the money goes towards making them a safe habitat they can live in, and paying for their food, and shelter. click here to find out more about adopting an animal. Here are some videos of endangered animals:



red squirrel


Sumatran Tigers


Please view this video for lots of animals

horses (Even some breeds of wild horses are endangered)