My Little Sister (who happens to have D.S) Episode 6

Agi K and Magdalena from My Little Sister...Yesterday, was the 21st of August, which means another My Little Sister film is coming out! The 4th episode this year, with 2 more yet to come! This is all made with footage from 2012
After troubles with uploading (again) it has finally uploaded overnight and is live now! Yay 😀
Choosing how to use the footage left from last year, I chose to make this episode about nature, how much time we spend outside and the way we learn. As well as our daily chores like caring for the animals, cooking, washing, we also have a rhythm to the year with the seasons with the frogspawn, ice and snow, gardening. It all connects and repeats and builds each day and each year.
People often ask how we learn ‘if you don’t have set ‘lessons’ ‘
In this episode you can see how we learn naturally through our senses by connecting everything we live and experience together. The ice and the glass magnifier, how Magdalena found the Elephant hawk moth caterpillar, and then found the Peacock butterfly, the frogspawn developing into frogs and how I found myself reading aloud to Magdalena about metamorphosis.
We talk about what we discover together, she wants to talk and describe her wonder and amazement and joy and so wants to learn what things are called so she can tell others about the magic moments in her day. We research the things we want to know more about with books and asking questions and looking things up on the Internet.
Every evening we listen and talk about what we have enjoyed and discovered with our family and any friends there. And every morning we talk about what everyone is doing that day. Magdalena loves learning names of things and feels proud to use the correct names.
This episode also shows the beginnings of me getting on with something different to Magdalena in the same space together, whilst Magdalena could play a game, read a book or paint by herself.
I hope you enjoy this episode! The next episode will be coming out October 21st.
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