February-Birthday party for Magdalena

Agi K makes party bags for Magdalena's birthday

crowns and party bagsFebruary 2012 – Magdalena’s Birthday Party

For Magdalena’s 6th birthday, she had her first ever party. It was a Charlie & Lola themed party, and I drew Lola onto every single brown party bag, (they are reusable, recyclable, and compostable plain brown bags), It took me fifteen minutes to draw all the Lolas. (on 22 party bags I drew an individual Lola). I wrote ‘Thank you for coming to my party’ on the back. At the end of the party Magdalena gave each of her friends a bag and said ‘Thank you for coming to my party’

Then I tied red and yellow twine over the handles (my dad’s Chinese medicine clinic is next to the florists, but you could use wool, or string). I blew up all the balloons and tied twine to them to make it easier for the children to hold and play with them. They then tied them to their bags to take home. I also made her homemade party crowns, out of some old packing card- we painted one side red, and the other yellow, and Magdalena helped. Then I drew tiny little butterflies all around them. It is nice to make little gifts to put inside the bags.  This is a really lovely book we have full of ideas for making gifts and party games for all sorts of birthday partys. Magdalena enjoyed packing the bags with me.
Me and my mum and Angela made butterfly biscuits, cupcakes with cream, scones with jam, and of course, the birthday cake, which was upside down pineapple cake, with cream, and strawberries. All sugar free, I am putting all the recipes into the recipe book I’m writing.

As everyone arrived we made giant bubbles outside with our friend Sandra ‘the magic bubble lady’ and it started to SNOW! Which made it extra magical. I helped with the party games,and our friend, Ken played guitar for the children to dance to and sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Magdalena. We played musical bumps and statues where no one went ‘out’ and no one got emotional as there were no ‘prizes’. The favourite game was ‘squeek piggy squeek’ and ‘oh the okie kokie’ You will see her enjoying her party in next year’s My Little Sister…film as we filmed lots.

The best parties are homemade ones! When I was small my mum and big sister, Isabella made me a lovely party too, it was a mermaid theme and my mum made me my own mermaid costume.