What Makes A Good Film

Agi K

As a filmmaker, I’m often asking myself, what makes a film good? It’s more than the script, the effects, the actors, the camerawork, the soundtrack, the genre…This is one of a series of blogposts where I’m going to attempt to define what makes a film good.

I’m going to be sharing with you brilliant quotes from filmmakers about filmmaking and quotes from films that I’ve watched with my parents, and my thoughts about these.  I’d love to have your recommendations for films and your thoughts about them. As usual most recent at the top!

March 2013

Still from About EllyAbout Elly
Director: Asghar Farhadi

Favourite quote(s) from the film:“A bitter ending is better than endless bitterness”

Director’s quotes: “everyone leaves the cinema with their own questions, depending on who they are as a person. The questions you may ask yourself may be very different from your neighbour’s, depending on your personality.”
“I think if a film has any merit viewers can react in one or two ways: either the film makes them sad or it delights them. If that sadness or joy transfers from their feelings to their thoughts that is cinema. It does not matter if the viewer does not think about the subject of the film itself as long as he or she is thinking. The most important thing is that he or she is thinking. I could say that the duty of cinema in the world today is to make the wheels of thought turn.”

My thoughts

I like Asghar Farhadi’s definition of a good film, a film that throws up questions and makes you think. Instead  of getting lost in the feelings of a film and then forgetting about it afterwards. In his film I questioned the character’s actions and choices. Some films use a lot of effects and emotional music to make you feel, but not necessarily question or think War Horse was like that for me. But a film that makes you think about life and the choices you make, and questions what right is and what’s wrong and what makes those choices. I think that About Elly showed that even the littlest lies and comments could have a huge impact on somebody else. We make choices all day long and we often don’t think that those choices can lead to large consequences,a choice made without much thought and very quickly.
This film was gripping, and all the way through it made me think of the character’s choices all the time, and thinking what I would have done in that situation.