Film The House nomination!

Nomination letterI’ve just heard that ‘My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome)’ has been selected by my local MP as his choice for Film The House film competition 2014! This means that it will now be judged by industry experts along with the other selected films in their different categories from all over the UK. My category is the under 19s. Also, there is a people’s choice winner.

So, if you love the ‘My Little Sister…’ films and want to see them raising awareness about Down’s syndrome by being screened in the House of Commons, then please vote for me here!

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Click on this link and click on the heart that’s inside a box in the corner saying ‘Agi K has entered Film The House 2014…’ etc. Thank you!


This month I was interviewed for Top Of The Pops magazine, about me and Magdalena, the My Little Sister films, my YouTube channel and lots more! The feature will be coming out in the June issue, which will be out very soon!

Do you think technology is destroying childhood? Well I was asked to speak at a live video conference via Skype at Brighton University about this last week! They were having a debate about social media, it’s bad and good effects upon people’s lives. And how a lot of kids spend a lot of time on social media but don’t get outside enough, where as for me, it was an interesting debate because I use social media a lot but also spend most of my time outside! I spend a lot of time outside because I love walking, and make most of my (in fact nearly all) of my films outside. What are your thoughts on social media?

Sun’s out and looks like summer is finally on it’s way,
here is one of my latest music videos!

Agi k and Magdalena with Hari Houdini the lambMe and Magdalena have been looking at last year’s footage and I’m getting ready to make this year’s ‘My Little Sister…’ film, looking back I can’t believe how much we’ve grown and changed! Ooh and we have a new arrival to the family – Harry Houdini the lamb! Here’s me and Magdalena with him, he’s very tame and follows us everywhere. You’ll be sure to see him starring in 90% of the shots in next year’s ‘My Little Sister…Episode 9’ film 😉