I love making films and music videos! You can view my My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome) films here.
And a selection of my music videos here Also you can go to my YouTube channel to view vlogs and more music videos! Hover over this page to see my other pages related to film.

'serious' 24 sec. showreel 2013 from Agi K on Vimeo.

Trailer for We the Mountain, We the Sea from Agi K on Vimeo.

The short 2 minute film about the Heart & Sold collective

Heart & Sold exhibits The Reveal London 2014 from Agi K on Vimeo.

The full 17 minute film about the Heart & Sold collective:

Inside The Reveal from Agi K on Vimeo.

Seat 35 -Short film by Agi K
A red velvet theatre chair. I thought of a seat where change could happen unexpectedly, to whoever sits in it. I wanted my little sister Magdalena, the star of my documentary series and Seat 35 to meet and create a mini magical world. I wanted to evoke the feeling of this world existing always, as though we were just catching a glimpse of it, and used an old film flicker effect and colouring to give it that timeless feel.
Here’s the little magical film that I made with Magdalena acting in it.