Girlpower Agi & Abi

Agi K with singer Abi FosterI was recently asked to make two official music videos for the soulful singer and songwriter 16 year old Abi Foster! She contacted me after reading my blog post where I mentioned that if anyone wanted me to make music videos to their songs, then to get in contact with me. Not only is she a great singer, but I found out she only lived 20 minutes away from me!

She has recently released her first album Scarlet Rain, which has 12 original songs on it.  Abi and I are both starting out and thought it would be great to help each other by me making a couple of music videos for her and in return she gave me the rights to use her music in my films. Getting copyright permissions for background music and audio for films can be the most difficult part of making a film. I am lucky that my eldest sister is a musician and I play cello, but to have haunting songs like Agi writes and sings will be a great addition to my filmmakers toolkit. So listen out in the next ‘My Little Sister…’ which I’ve just started editing, as you might just hear Abi singing in it.

So we had a lot of fun, Abi gave me free range on the  interpretation and concept design of the songs and their covers. And she was very patient as I directed her in all the different locations and reshot scenes over and over! We also had some fun breaks from filming singing songs we knew together (in the bathroom mainly-best acoustics!)

The tracks I made music videos for are Edge Of The Earth and Sit On Your Own. Both the songs are very different to each other, and you will see how I’ve brought this out.


On set shots from filming Abi Foster's music video

I filmed Edge Of The Earth in the fields around my house and filmed it over the course of a few days with an extra shoot a few weeks later. It took  a lot of editing, especially as the lighting was dull. I edited lots of effects and flashes into it to give it impact. It was so fun editing on the night sky just after the chorus, as I had to find some night sky star footage, then green screen it into the sky (which was hard considering the sky was blue not green) then had to apply lots of contrast and effects to make it look more realistic.



On set shots shooting Abi Foster's music videoI filmed Sit On Your Own in town back in February. It was freezing cold and we only had a few hours to film it! It was fun exploring and finding cool doorways and alleys to film it. I was trying to make the camera angles as interesting as possible, and as the song was about the homeless, I showed the passing of time by starting filming in the early afternoon and then filming as it got dark and turned into night, to show that Abi wasn’t just someone who had come out of her house and was busking but perhaps someone who lived on the street, I did this to bring out the meaning of the song more.

Or you can watch adfree in excellent quality over on vimeo by clicking the link below: