Greenpeace Barbaric Barbie T-Shirt, And Molly my Guinea-Pig’s Birthday!

My ‘Barbaric’ T-Shirt

Hey, what a lot of blog posts this July 2012! Oh and, another huge Double Summer Blog Post coming in a couple of weeks! But before that, this is my current one!

Agi K wearing stop destroying rainforests for toy packagingHello Readers! Do you remember on my Campaign Page (click here to see if you didn’t see it) I wrote all about Greenpeace‘s fantastic Barbie campaign? To raise awareness and stop Mattel cutting down Indonesia’s rain forests for Barbie’s packaging (and other toy packaging) anyway, me and my friend Matilda, did a short video in my bedroom, and posted it up on YouTube (you can view it by clicking HERE)

Greenpeace was so pleased with the film, they asked if they could feature it on their website and sent me a ‘Barbaric’ Barbie T–shirt! I love it!

Click on photos to make them bigger ;o]

Greenpeace T-shirtThe super exciting thing, was the labels!

One of them (the brown one) said that you could go to and put in the *respect-code on the wash tag, and it would show you where your T-shirt was made,from where the cotton was grown to who spun it, to where it was dyed…This is brilliant. You can view my T-shirt’s life before it came to me here: MY T-SHIRT

Agi K wearing her barbaric T-shirtI want to shout out two things, first thanks to my friend Matilda for helping me make the film! And secondly to Greenpeace, who sent me my (lovely) t-shirt, and for everyone who joined in the campaign and succeeded in exposing what Mattel was doing and stopping them!

Please leave your comments and thoughts below in the comment form, I love to read them! Have you ever been involved in any campaigns. Have you ever thought about how or where your clothes were made?

Molly’s Birthday

Agi K with Molly the guinea pig

This week is my beloved Molly (my lovely guinea-pig)’s


I bred her myself with my non-self black and brown guinea-pig Rosie,(who

peacefully passed away in my arms early this year) who

Agi K with Molly

was a sister to my first ever guinea-pig I had when I was 4, Runa (Runa is my middle name, meaning to flow, like a river) Runa died on a beautiful morning in her hutch last year at a golden age of 6 (that is quite old for a guinea-pig!) Molly’s father was Magdalena’s portage worker’s guinea-pig, Spike Mahican, who was an Abyssinian, with the same black and dark brown as Rosie.

Agi K with MollyAgi K with MollyI love Molly very much, she’s a very special guinea-pig, who is a beautiful, rare, breed. She is a cross between a Peruvian and an Abyssinian, and I’m

sure there is another breed mixed in between there somewhere…

Agi K with Molly 2012

“When there’s no one there for me, I can always turn to my guinea-pig, she won’t tell on me, laugh at me,

or cry if I’ve done something she dosen’t like. She’ll listen. comfort me, and cuddle me, just like a good friend you feel you’ve known all your life”

– Agnieszka age 10

So a very big: HAPPY-BIRTHDAY! To you Molly! 4 years old today!


Today, I just carried on doing my jobs and work, and play,

Agi K with Mollywith Molly! So if I was writing she’d be curled up on my lap, if I was dancing, she’d be dancing around on the floor, if I was walking around, she’d be on my shoulder (I made sure she wouldn’t fall off don’t worry!) She’s great company, and I’d talk to her and say, “Hey, that colour looks great with that writing doesn’t it?” and “Those are beautiful white roses coming out.” etc.

Agi K with Molly

COMMENTS                                                                                        Please leave your comments below!About Molly, Do you have special pets you love?  What do you think of the Greenpeace campaign? Do you have any birthdays you know of or are in your family this week? Whatever you write-I love to get your comments! See you next time for an exciting double (really good) blog post all about-Whoops! Must be a surprise!