Happy World Down’s Syndrome Day!

Womans Own article 2014

Friends with My Little Sister music coverHappy World Down’s Syndrome Day everyone!  To celebrate, me and My Little Sister Magdalena made a music video to ‘Friends’ by Jasmine Thompson She is an amazing singer and she has a beautiful voice, and she is only 13! I am completely in love with her songs. See our take on ‘Friends’ here:




If you have Down’s syndrome, then you have 3 copies of your 21st chromosome. So Magdalena has 3 copies of her 21st chromosome and I have 2 copies of my 21st chromosome. World Down’s Syndrome Day is on the 21st of the 3rd month to mark the extra chromosome and Down’s syndrome is also called Trisomy 21. Look at this  colourful photo showing the chromosomes. Isn’t it beautiful, it looks a bit like ‘lots of socks’.

Photo of Trisomy 21

But that’s just a little bit of science and people wonder what is that like in life, what does it mean? Like everything in life it is different for everyone. In the films that I make about me and Magdalena’s life, you can see what it means to us. You can watch them all in order here: My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome)

And you can also read more about Down’s syndrome in the article I wrote for  Jump! Magazine in 2013
Lots of Socks for World Down’s syndrome day




Woman's Own article

We were also featured in ‘Womans Own’ with Hollie and Rosie and their families for a really happy article about Down’s syndrome. It’s in the 17th March magazine issue.








This year’s ‘My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome)’ film will be out later this year-as will our first ‘My Little Sister’ book from the films.

Happy Mother’s Day to my lovely mum who is a big support to me! She has always encouraged me with my filmmaking and everything I love to do 🙂

It’s mother’s day next Sunday!

So here’s a photo of me and Magdalena with our lovely Mum who home educates us. Thank you for my lovely mummy because without her I probably wouldn’t be here making videos today. She has always encouraged me with filmmaking and everything I love and she’s been a big influence and support. I love you mum. Wishing everybody who is a mum or like a mum to somebody, a Happy Mother’s Day!

Next blog I will tell you all about my filming at ‘The Reveal’ and our trip to London.