Keep Merida Brave

Agi K campaign poster for keep Merida brave

Agi K campaign poster for Keep Merida Brave

Keep Merida Brave!

About this campaign

Merida, from Brave is a wonderful female role model for all girls, she was created to break the mould of a classic Disney princess. by being capable, fearless and refusing to marry, highly skilled at traditional male sport like archery, and not waiting for a prince or man to rescue her. Sounds like a great idea to me! So what’s the problem…? Read on!

Disney has now decided to give her a makeover, before distributing her around the world as dolls, on clothing, blankets, pillows and duvets, rucksacks, water bottles, colouring books etc. Merida’s new look completely defeats the object of the brilliant film she stars in. The makeover has sexualised Merida by narrowing her waist, dressing her in an off the shoulder dress which in the film she hated. submissive Merida. With large eyelashes and clothes not typical of her character in the film, Merida becomes a submissive figure, typical of the other Disney princesses.

AMightyGirl has launched a campaign to stop Disney from sexualising Merida. You can sign their petition on here! It has received over 240,000 signs, and needs 52,769 more. So please go sign the petition! Look at this before & after photo:

Before & after Disney changed Merida collage by Agi K

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