Malachy Doyle

Magdalena arranging peg faeries

March 2012- Malachy Magdalena listens to Malachy Doyle read and gets her book signed by himDoyle

Today in our local bookshop, Malachy Doyle was reading out his new book-Collywobble.

Magdalena and me loved the book, so we bought it, and he signed it for Magdalena!

After he had read Collywobble, he read another book he’d written: Owen And The Mountain.I loved that book, and it reminded me of where we live, so I got that one for me, and he signed it!

H also read us his book that is coming out later this year ‘The snuggle sandwich’, which is really lovely. About snuggling up to the people you love.

I have read his books ‘The bold boy’, ‘Swap’, ‘Tales from old Ireland’ , ‘The happy book’, ‘The dancing tiger’ (he also read that one to us, and it is now out of  print). I can’t think what else at the moment. Now I am older, I read them to Magdalena (except Swap, which is for an older age group). Magdalena’s favourite book I read to her is The Bold Boy, it is about a boy and one pea, it always makes her laugh out loud, and she always joins in with the line: ”And off he jolly well toddled”. I like his stories because he has a good choice of words, sing song words, a clever, sometimes unexpected story line, & he always has a good moral to the story. I always feel satisfied at the end of the book, and left with a warm feeling. And he chooses really good illustrators.

It’s really exciting to hear a author read their own book, and I thought when he was reading ‘That’s him. I can’t actually believe it is him-Malachy Doyle’, when he reads it makes you feel really happy, and you loose yourself in the story, the hour went really quick, I enjoyed it so much! He has a sing song voice, which matches his sing song words! And he has a kind face.

Click on his name here to go to his website: MalachyDoyle.

My favourite illustrators at the moment are Christan Birmingham as he has such a ‘soft’ touch to his drawings and paintings. I also came across this illustrator, I love her unique style, click here to view her website & drawings.

Magdalena’s favourites are: Petra Brown (who illustrates ‘Collywobble’ and ‘Hush little baby’ &  Birte Muller, Birte Muller’s paintings look like it is fresh paint. She illustrates two extraordinarily magical interactive books for ipad called ‘Teddys Day’ and ‘Teddys night’.

Me and Magdalena both love Lauren Child, & Magdalena is obsessed with Charlie & Lola, and we have every single book and DVD episode ever made and an audio CD! When they are on, she says what Lola says, when Lola talks, she memorises them, and ask her any episode and she’ll tell you! When I was six, we went to Lauren Child’s exhibition. Which was fabulous, and it had Charlie and Lola play houses, huge magnetic walls where you can dress up charlie and Lola. She had also made real miniature 3D little sets, and showed her sketchbooks, it was amazing, and if it was on again, I’d really like to take Magdalena now she’s older! She’d love it.

My favorite authors are Michael Morpurgo, (I also heard Michael Murpogo read his book ‘The Mozart Question’ with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, it was so moving. My big sister was given free tickets and she took me) and Malachy Doyle. Click on the authors and illustrators names to go to their websites. I like these authors because they think about what good or bad words can do and know the power of a good book. Because books change the way people think I respect authors who want to use words to make the world a better, kinder place.

Please tell me your favourite authors and illustrators and if you have ever heard them read from their own books below…