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June-Barbie News

I’ve found a barbie opposite the BBC centre in the hedge behind the bus stop, the treasure hunt to find and plant “chainsaw barbies” around the world is part of Greenpeace’s campaign to make people aware that the rainforest is being cut down to be used in their packaging. I was so shocked and sad when I found out about this that I wanted to join in and make other people aware. If enough people join in writing letters to Mattel it can be stopped. I was inspired to make a film about the issue too with chainsaw barbies you can watch it here:
The Barbie I found is called Oprah barbie, and I interviewed her:

June 12th 2011 Newspaper article – Oprah Barbie

Hello Oprah Barbie, So what have you been up to?

Well we are selling more and more models of Barbie to more and more children and we are using cheaper packaging to make more and more profit!

How are you getting all that cheap packaging?

Oh! we’re flying over to Indonesia! to cut down the rainforest!

What about the animals!?

Oh! I don’t care about stuff like that!

Then what do you care about?

Oh looks, money, and mostly KEN!

You might want to look at this then…

We interviewed Ken earlier, this is what he says:

Oh no! hang on I’ve got to text Mattel and tell him to stop getting packaging from tree’s from Indonesia’s rainforest, and stop killing animals! It is SO wrong! I don’t care if I’m not famous, or rich! just as long as this stops! BARBIE!

Interview by Agnieszka age 8 2011

But one voice against this, isn’t enough! So we need your help! There are hundreds of Barbies hidden around the UK, so help track them down and please click here and here to find out what to do. This how I found Oprah Barbie! No barbies near you? Make your own, on the first link it also shows you how to make your own.

Surprising news – looks

Barbie says looks are all important but we know it’s what’s inside that counts.

July 2011 – Great news, the campaign has finished, as Mattel has stopped using packaging from Indonesia’s rain forests!

July 2011 – Great news, the campaign has finished, as Mattel has stopped using packaging from Indonesia’s rain forests!

Barbie News! & Campaign video

I have made a short animation using playmobil, and uploaded it to YouTube about the Barbie campaign, and it is only 2:32 minuites so do please watch it, pass it on, comment and like it! Here is the link:

Barbie Campaign Video

As you might know, the campaign has finished because of good news Mattel has agreed to stop cutting down Indonesia’s rainforest!