My 10th Birthday & My new camera & Thank you!

Agi K with huge sketchbook for her 10th birthdayAgi K with her new camera for her 1oth birthday 2012June 2012. Today is my birthday, I’m now 10.

For the last week, it has been rainy, muggy, miserable weather. But not today! Today, the sun is shining. Mum said when I was born (in the hot tub that Dad made in the barn) it had been cold and overcast, then on the day I was born, the sun came out. And also, she said, that as I was born, the baby swallows first took flight in the barn roof, above our heads.

<— Magdalena gave me a lovely big sketchbook, I can’t wait to draw and paint in it!

Thank you so much to all of you for your donations!

With the money you donated, and some of the money I earned writing a spelling quiz for the Daily Mail, I have now bought my own HD lumix camera! It is a video and still camera. I am ever so happy! It’s amazing quality, and I am so happy to have a camera again! I was so grateful to receive £49.33 in donations towards my film making and then a journalist from the ‘Daily Mail’ who shares my love of unusual words offered me £500 towards my film making to write a spelling quiz for the newspaper. It is such a good feeling to earn my own money. Then ‘Real People Magazine’ called me to ask if they could interview me and they would pay me £100! All this from entering a spelling competition for fun, with no prizes other than a spelling certificate!

So I have now bought a hard drive to store my footage on so I can start storing my rushes again, the HD still & video camera, a longlife battery and large memory card. I have also just received £500 in one donation, towards my own computer! This money is going towards the next part of my equipment which will be a macbook pro (I need about another £700 for a refurbished one) which I will be able to use to edit my films on and write my books while I’m travelling too, and then I will save up for the final cut editing software.

Exploring the new camera with DadThank you to all of you for supporting me with leaving your comments here and on youtube, and on “agnieszkaproductions” (my new facebook page-please join & like!) Thank you to all of you who contact me personally through email and all the amazing people I meet who are interested in what I do as well as those who have donated and sent me encouraging messages to help me buy the equipment I need. Especially thank you to Wendy, Graham, Sally, Anna, Judith, Michael B, Emily, Julie, Eoin, Michael C, Pat, Laura, Angela, Sarah, Mum, Dad, all my family and friends and everyone else.





Magdalena filmingWhat is extra exciting is that today I gave my old camera to my little sister Magdalena and I have taught her how to take photos and she loves it. We have been taking photos together and it’s been really lovely to have fun sharing my love of photography.







Agi K brown eye 2012Magdalena blue eye 2012Here are our eyes.







Tomorrow I’ll post up some of the photos I’ve taken on my photography page and you will see the incredible macro capability of the lens. For now though here is a mystery photo. Can you guess what it is of and tell me the answer in the comments below?

Quiz, what is this?