My Little Sister (Around The World) – in Spain!

Agi K filming on location in Spain

This year, once again, we all went to Spain! We are very lucky, as my Dad was teaching at a Chinese Medicine congress in Barcelona, so being home educated and with my older sister not starting her music college until later in September we were able to go with him and have our own holiday further down the coast with Mum! I met lots of Spanish children where we stayed, and me and Magdalena had great fun practising our Spanish with all the children. I also made a music video with them (of course ahaha)

We were also guests of elblogdeanna! Where we met Anna, Abril, Lea, Maria & José, and Grandma Anna. Anna is the same age as Magdalena and she has 2 younger sisters. Magdalena and Anna got on well together, despite having very different personalities (especially as Anna is very much the big sister and Magdalena the little sister!) they found that they both loved cooking and especially they both loved dancing. It was incredible meeting people from the internet for real! When I was eight, I posted the first My Little Sister film, I remember looking at the statistics and being amazed that it had been embedded on a blog in Spain! I remember translating it and being really touched and encouraged by what Anna’s family had written about my film! Anna and her family have been one of my first supporters, introducing “My Little Sister…” to thousands of people in Spanish speaking countries. It was amazing meeting them for real 3 years later!

Magdalena loves me making music videos of her and her friends, so I thought it would be great to make a series of music videos with songs and nursery rhymes around the world, with Magdalena’s friends that we have met through the My Little Sister films. I want to make them with songs from different languages and cultures, it will be so interesting, I will include subtitles so everyone around the world can learn the and become closer. It’s amazing how many people and friends we wouldn’t of met if Magdalena hadn’t happened to be born with Down’s syndrome. So the first in the My Little Sister around the world series was filmed with Anna and her sisters in Spain! You can view it here:

My Little Sister Around The World So I want to travel around the world (and the U.K.) with my little sister making nursery rhyme videos with other families with children with Down’s syndrome. The first 6 years of Magdalena’s life we didn’t travel at all, as it was too difficult to do this with Magdalena needing a lot of care, but now she is older we can start to travel and explore more, and Magdalena loves it! As I said, my Dad also works abroad, and the next near future places we hope to be be going are Greece, Holland & Morrocco, so if you live in any of these countries, or are interested in me and Magdalena coming to your country and making a video with you, then please comment down below! Or contact us via the contact page. Magdalena really enjoyed being on the airplane, she loved looking out of the window and looking at all of the clouds, mountains, houses and objects below. She held onto Mum at one point and said “I hold you mummy stop you flying out the window!” Meanwhile, I was filming footage out of the window for my next music video, which I just released!

So now I’m home and enjoying learning Spanish now I have been immersed in the sound of the language, it makes sense now! My friends spoke Catalan first and Spanish second but the sounds are similar.