Episode 8 My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome)

My Little Sister...Episode 8 DVD

I’m excited to tell you that This year’s My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome) film is now ready for you to rent or buy for download online.

Here’s the trailer!

This year’s film is 45 minutes long and is made from footage of our lives in 2013 taken when Magdalena was 7 and I was 10.

CLICK HERE to watch My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome)Episode 8

I’ve also put ALL of the  first seven episodes from 2010-2013 together as a set to rent or buy on Vimeo On Demand too.

Here’s the first seven episodes!

CLICK HERE to watch My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome) The first 7 episodes

AVAILABLE NOW! https://vimeo.com/ondemand/mylittlesister1to7

AND lots of teachers, group leaders, organisations, charities ask me about using the films. You can contact me through this website to purchase a public screening license for groups, educational purposes, schools, trainings, or for any other gathering where you would like to show the films.

You can book us to come and talk about the films when you screen them too.

The Music & Thank Yous

Huge THANK YOUS to the musicians that have made this latest film brilliant. Firstly the brilliant tracks you hear scattered throughout are by Inkpot who I met at Foolhardy circus camp last year, where they were playing live for the show.

And thank you to Kate Rusby, the folk singer from Barnsley and her band. We love her music and if you get the chance to hear her live, just go. Magdalena and I have been singing and dancing to her songs since we were little, especially Awkward Annie…and we’ve even bought her songbooks so we can (try) and learn the chords and sing along. So let me explain the story. Now I know more about copyright, I try hard to not have commercial music playing in the background when I’m filming as it is impossible to separate it from speech and often have to delete scenes I want to use because of copyright issues and the cost of obtaining the rights. When you are shooting fly-on-the-wall documentaries that’s pretty hard to make sure there’s no copyrighted music on. Anyway, this was the case with the scene with Magdalena watering her seeds and watching them grow, which is a series of clips shot at different times, one of these clips has Kate Rusby singing in the background. I wrote to her record company explaining everything and the very next day Joy from Pure records wrote back saying that Kate was happy for me to use her music and said what fabulous filming it was and wished me great success. Now isn’t that kind, and supportive and just lovely, really really lovely.

The talented Abi Foster is a fabulous singer who comes from near here too, she is only five years older than me and I love her voice, she writes all her own songs and she asked me to make music videos for her. Well, her upbeat song ‘Happy Ever After’ is what you hear at the end credits. She has a beautiful voice. Go check her out and buy her CD ‘Scarlet Rain’


I also I want to mention the late Judith Scott , whose meditative art we love, for inspiring us in our making of our wrap around the tree stumps woodland art in the film. Also thank you to my lovely patient piano teacher, Judith Brennan where my little sister has always sat listening to me since she was a baby. Thank you to my big sister Isabella for doing the incidental music and being a great big sister to me and Magdalena-yes I am the middle sister! Thanks to my Dad for helping with every technical problem imaginable and to Mum for managing everything and making me complete projects.

And most of all, thank you to all of you for supporting me through contacting me, spreading the word, buying the films and donating to agnieszkaproductions filmfund,  Thank you!

I was interviewed with my mum for a feature in a magazine a few weeks ago and by complete coincidence the issue is published today, on the 21st October!  It’s in Reveal magazine. You can see the article online here. They sent a great photographer round to get the photos they wanted, check out her website. Nicolette Wells 

In case you’re new to watching the series, here is a little introduction for you, an article that I wrote last year when I was asked how it all began.

The Start of the My Little Sister…films

And here’s the blog about winning the National Youth Film Festival Award

The DVD’s will be available to buy in the shop soon!