Episode 4, My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome)

Episode 4 ‘My Little Sister…’ Film, where Magdalena grieves for our rabbit who died.

Agi K and Magdalena with their baby rabbits

Our new rabbits Lucy and Liquorice, we visited their mum and chose them and waited until they were old enough to come and live with us.

This episode (with footage from 2012) shows Magdalena coming to terms with the death of our pet rabbit. This has been a constant theme through 2012, (he died in December 2011) it has been really hard for her to understand that he isn’t coming back and she has felt deep emotions about his death. Even since we have had our two new rabbits she still talks about “Billy-White” most days, we have to stop everything and talk about it before she will move forward with the day. She loves watching the “My little sister…” films as she says he lives in them.
Also Magdalena has been learning to jump, practising for a whole year, every day! And we went iceskating! We are still singing, dancing, playing our instruments with a new trumpet and cornet. Magdalena is putting what she has learnt into practice and telling me her opinions quite strongly, sometimes this is very funny! Magdalena loves books and we read to her and with her everyday lots, she knows more and more words and starts describing her experience of the world in words that are poetry. We love the words she uses, they conjure up wonderful images, listen carefully and enjoy her openness and thoughts. Look out for snails, cuddles, baby rabbits, butterflies and no I don’t fly off to space, but with our Billy-White dying it is easy to see why she thought I might.
My Little Sister (who happen’s to have Down’s syndrome) Episode 4 Magdalena is aged 6 & me 9 or 10 in it.

Next episode out here on May 21st!