My little sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome)

‘Here is the Magdalena that I know, that most of the world don’t get to see. I want people to see what it’s really like being sisters together. ‘What is it like having a sister with Down’s syndrome like?’ people ask me, I say don’t ask me ‘What is it like having a sister with Down’s syndrome?’ instead ask me ‘What is Magdalena like?’ The label ‘Down’s syndrome’ doesn’t tell you anything much, it doesn’t tell you how much fun we have together, how much we love each other, it doesn’t tell you anything about a person’s life or their interests. These films do though, they show you right inside all those little moments that make up life. Real life, not from books or from what people say. This is our life and we’re sharing it with you.

My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome)This series about me and ‘My little sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome)’ started with a 3 minute upload to youtube, which I edited from footage of us in 2010 when I was 7 & 8 years old and Magdalena was 4 years old.

People liked it. It went viral.They asked us, what happened next?

I’ve used a camera from as long as I can remember and started making films when I was 5. So footage of us was no problem (storing it on hardrives is!) I loved looking through the footage, editing it together and narrating it. I made the next episode 15 minutes long, as that was the youtube limit at the time. People loved it and started contacting us with encouraging messages from around the world.

I decided to make this an annual project following our lives. In 2013, I had so much I wanted to put into the film that I made five episodes. That year I was awarded the ‘One to Watch’ Award from the National Youth Film Festival.

In 2014 I made Episode 8, a 44 minute film. It had it’s cinema premiere at the International Youth Arts Festival, in Kingston, London. July 2015, where it was also screened at the Birdies Film Festival.

The films are about us being sisters and our relationship, they are also about being outside, our learning without school, about playing and working together and working things out when things go wrong.
Here are some of the things people have said about the My Little Sister…films:

‘ These films helped me so much in the weeks after my diagnosis, I felt optimistic about the future. ‘

‘ Funny, sensitive, gentle and kind, these films ooze with the adventure of being alive. ‘

‘ My children LOVE these films, they watch them again and again.’

‘A masterclass in love. ‘

‘ Lots of ideas for learning through nature and imaginative play ‘

‘ These films have been found to be particularly valuable and inspiring for new parents and families who may be wondering about the impact of a diagnosis of Down’s syndrome. Equally valuable for healthcare workers and educational professionals.’

Want to see the films?

Here is the 3 min. first upload on a very basic camera that kickstarted the whole series, made when I was 8 and Magdalena is 4:

Buy your DVD from our shop here. My Little Sister…the first 7 films Costs £14.99 plus p&p

Buy your DVD from our shop here. My Little sister…Episode 8 Costs £12.99 plus p&p

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The first seven episodes are available individually at $2.50 to rent or $3.99 to buy or you can watch all seven in one set to rent at $8.99 or buy at $14.99 via link below for immediate download. Click below to watch the trailer first.

Episode 8 (45 minute film, released 21st October 2014) available to rent $5.99 or buy $11.99 via link below for immediate download. Click below to watch the trailer first.

Episode 9 (55 minute film, released October 2016) available to rent $5.99 or buy $11.99 via link below for immediate download. Click below to watch the trailer first.

Here are the trailers!
Episode 9

Episode 8

Episodes 1-7

I am a self-taught film maker and I am self-funded. By renting or buying these films, you are supporting me to make more films and to continue this series. Thank you. You can also obtain a non-profit public screening license by writing to us here to screen the film in a group, an educational setting, CPD trainings or any other setting. You can also book us with our mum to give a talk with Q & A session and resources to accompany the film.