My time at VideoStar & tips on making music videos!

I’ve been working as a beta tester for 4 years for an app called VideoStar, and have just retired! It’s been a major part of my life so far, and has definitely developed my skills as a filmmaker. Working as a beta tester involves, testing new effects and software, creating effects, sharing ideas with the app developers, in reality this means corresponding with the app developers and other beta team members on a daily basis as things are happening, it’s like being part of a news team!

The app was released in 2011, I discovered it simply by browsing the app store, downloaded it, thought it was awesome and started making music videos! I made great friends in those early days, and had so much fun together, chatting and collaborating! Many of my old YouTube friends from 2012 onwards are no longer making videos, but I’ve stuck around and have really enjoyed talking to and watching all the new VS trends and generations come up!

I started my ‘Agi K’ YouTube channel in 2008, then after getting into Videostar I uploaded my first music video at the end of 2012 (on private now though!) I love Videostar because the process of filming and editing is so immediate. I’ve become most well known for my outside videos! I live in the hills of rural Wales, so I really enjoy filming out in the fields and woods; location and scenery are very important to me. Here are a few of my first, and most recent outside videos.

Videostar is a really handy app for filming and editing on the go, I love to seek out unusual and interesting places to film in. Here are a few music videos I’ve made, (very) old and new that I’ve filmed on the go in cool places.

I am also a big fan of green screen and white wall videos, because they mean effects, effects, effects! Crazy, fun, endless layering and flashy editing! All depending on what type of video you’re making, but I love to use upbeat songs for my white walls and GS. Here are a few of my favourite old and new white wall & GS video’s of mine!

Video Making Tips

So lots of people ask me what my best tips are for making videostars, or music videos in general! So here are a few bits that I’ve come up with that have helped me.


I recommend making a small (or big) plan before making a video. Whether it’s sketching out some ideas, or writing something along the lines of a script. It gives you a chance to elaborate on your ideas and get excited for the filming process! This results in saving a lot of time as you’ve imagined it all in your head first.


Back in 2013 when we didn’t have multi layer on VS or anything like that, I’d have to screenshot every 0.1 second auto stop frame, import it into photoshop and erase the background, email it back to my iPad and rec new over the original image in VS! It took so much time, but definitely worth it for the result afterwards. Thankfully we now have erase tools and multi later.  However it taught me to plan the shots I needed in advance as I had to bear in mind the editing process I would need to complete to get the result I wanted. It’s a good habit I got into, and I still do it now! So I recommend if you’re planning on having a complicated editing sequence in your video, then work out the images and layers you need to record beforehand, maybe write it on a list so you know what to do in order to create the finished result afterwards.


Theme your videos! Think what song it’s to, have a listen to the song with your eyes closed and have a think of what sort of feelings/ideas that gives you. Sometimes having lots of undecided themes and random effects makes your videos look a bit trashy and all over the place, so keep a clear theme in mind! You can give strength to your video through choosing a way to link all the shots up, for example you could choose or create a colour filter to create a certain mood, and then re-effect the whole video with the filter!


A music video is focused around the audio/song, and the verse builds up to the chorus! So plan for the chorus, plan all your best and most complicated but best looking shots, effects etc. and save them for then, it’s so disappointing watching a video, anticipating the climax, and for the audio to explode but nothing happening visually!

So if you’ve never made music videos before and want to give it a go, then videostar is a great place to get started! And you can always progress onto software such as final cut and adobe.

Thank’s for reading, here’s my latest music video for you to enjoy.