Myth busting Down’s syndrome with My Little Sister

*”It’s a myth that Down’s syndrome makes you loving and compliant, Magdalena is very sweet but not all the time and nor am I, and we don’t always get along as I will show you in this film”
– Agnieszka Kolaczynska, My Little Sister…Episode 3 Part 3

Agi and Magdalena in cafeHey guys! I’ve had lots of technical difficulties releasing this film – but I can now announce that My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome) Part 3 Episode 3 is now out! (footage of us from 2012) This film includes an awesome hair dance on the trampoline,  learning to take turns when cooking, and a wheelbarrow race (which becomes quite a competitive one!) And lots more! In this episode I wanted to show some of the daily challenges and difficulties when me and Magdalena don’t get on and how we deal with it.   So, I won’t keep you waiting much longer, go ahead and watch the latest episode of My Little Sister:

*I felt it was important to do some mythbusting of a different kind in this episode. Most of my films so far I wanted to show you what a fulfilling and great life we have with or without Down’s syndrome. Down’s syndrome is not what decides how great or not great our life is. I wanted to show you what we love about each other and what we love doing, what we love about the world we live in and how we learn from each other, making each other’s lives have more meaning. This episode I wanted to bust a different kind of myth, I wanted to show some of the difficult times, to show you just how frustrated we can both get with each other. This was important to me as I have come across many people who presume that Magdalena is an angel (or even that I am!) That she is so good and never argues or misbehaves and they assume she was born that way! Well I think it’s important to let everyone know that Down’s syndrome or no Down’s syndrome, Magdalena has the same emotions to you and me, she can be kind and generous, she can be angry and upset, she can be jealous…She does get frustrated when she can’t keep up or communicate what she wants to say or understand…It always amazes me how people think that having Down’s syndrome could somehow make you loving or compliant. There are lots of extra challenges to having Down’s syndrome. And a lot of these cause Magdalena to express deep frustration and loud cries of confusion and this can make life unpredictable and difficult amongst all the joy and all the love.

Can you relate to any of the difficulties me and Magdalena sometimes have trying to understand or get along with each other? I would be interested to hear what areas of life with your siblings you find difficult, and how you deal with it comment down below 🙂