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Home Education and Exams

Exams are why you haven't heard much from me yet in 2017. I've paused my film, writing and creative work for six months, to study for five IGCSE's which I'm about to be examined in this May and June. So here's a quick blogpost full of updates of what I've been doing behind the scenes. This will give me a year before 6th form to focus on developing my creative work. I have lots of plans for next year-more about those later. People often want to know about how you can take GCSE's if you ...
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Agi K at MozFest

Back from London and buzzing from MozFest 2016, where thousands of dedicated enthusiastic people were sharing projects directed at making the world a better place. I was there delivering sessions on how to Vlog. Here's a slideshow to give you a flavour of this amazing participatory fest of the web. If you get a chance to go next year, Do it! See for yourself the excitement, inspiration and passion at MozFest in the vlog I made about my experience there. The Art of Vlogging & 1,2,3, Vlog, Edit Upload In the spirit of Mozilla, shaping ...
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What’s MozFest?

I'm excited to be delivering sessions next week at #MozFest. It's going to be like a giant jamming session for the web. Banter, coding, hacking. Collaborating in hands-on practical pods of discussion and sharing and making. Mozilla Firefox international festival is the worlds leading event for and by the open internet movement. Everyone's welcome to come and join in the debate, explore and build the future of our lives online. You can get your tickets here. I'm going to be running sessions in the Arts and Digital Culture space, that this year is being hosted ...
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Episode 9 My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome) poster

Episode 9 of My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome)

I'm so excited, relieved, amazed and proud to say Episode 9 is completed! I hope you like it. It's available to preorder today here Vimeo On Demand  available to watch from 1st September. Episode 9 is an hour long film made from footage shot in 2014 when Magdalena was 8, and I was 11 and 12 years old. This was the year that Magdalena began to start to play independently alongside me, and the year that her interest in scientifically analysing things became apparent. Her need to explore, assimilate and understand sensorially became stronger. Magdalena's ...
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Agi K @Arts Award Gold Expo@RichMix June 2016

RichMix Gold Expo

Arts Award Gold Expo at Richmix, London was a buzz! It was an exciting venue and the day was full of pop up performances, talks and exhibits. Thanks so much to all the Arts Award team for inviting me. I was there to speak on the panel in the live show with Tom Innis (Arts Award Voice) Faz Shah (violinist & beat boxer Gold achiever) and Laura Gander-Howe from the Arts Council, alongside the screening of my short film Seat 35. The panel were discussing the value of Arts Award at Gold level and the ...
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POWgirls U.S.A. screen Agi K film

First U.S.A screening

Wow, this is the first time one of my films has been screened outside of the U.K.  And it was in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. at this really great festival all about featuring the work of woman film makers from around the world. So I was honoured and excited to have my short We The Mountain, We The Sea chosen for their official selection into POW fest 2016! And for it to be screened on May 30th in the Youth showcase. I was gutted that I couldn't get over there and enjoy everyone else's films, join ...
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My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome) cinema screenings

Agi K in conversation

Thank you to all at Wyeside InsideOut festival and to everyone who came to the cinema screenings of all the My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome) films, listening to my talk, and the screening of my short 'We The Mountain, We The Sea' The reproduction was incredible, both visuals and audio and magical having a live audience for all of those months of working on my films. It was interesting seeing all the My Little Sister... films consecutively, picking up on themes and changes in our lives. I was really happy that the ...
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Seat 35

Seat 35 short by Agi K

My short 'Seat 35' was projected in a photographic exhibition celebrating it's liberation from the theatre! The exhibition of Seat 35 opened the Wyeside Inside Out festival with a buzzing private view. Magdalena and I were there meeting the other artists. It was such a fun project to be involved it. Take a look at some photos from the evening Seat 35 -Short film by Agi K A red velvet theatre chair. I thought of a seat where change could happen unexpectedly, to whoever sits in it. I wanted my little sister Magdalena, the star of my documentary series ...
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Wyeside Inside Out Festival brochure with My LIttle Sister...films programmed

Cinema screenings for My Little Sister…

Exciting news! All 8 episodes of the My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome) films are going to be screened at Wyeside cinema as part of the Wyeside Inside Out Festival in Builth Wells, Wales on Sunday April 24th 2016. Each episode will be screened consecutively in the lush cinema. Also screening is my short, premiered at Raindance and my new stop-frame animation ... I'm also programmed to be in conversation with Rebbecca Ray and we'll be chatting about the films, film making, busting myths about Down's syndrome, and anything else that comes ...
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Can Art change the world?

Are you a young creative aged between 13-25? Do you have a completed or half finished piece of art, or simply an idea for one; that you think could raise awareness of something that needs to be changed in the world?  If so, enter this youth Arts competition run by Arts Award Voice. I'm thrilled that I've been invited to be a guest judge on the panel and will get the chance to see your art and hear the ideas behind them. It's going to be an exciting competition to enter as it's all about ...
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Agi K and Magdalena with pets

World Down Syndrome Day 2016

Happy World Down's Syndrome Day everyone! March 21st is WDSD, a day to celebrate and spread awareness about Down's syndrome. The date was chosen to symbolise the three copies of chromosome 21...which is why Down's syndrome is also known as Trisomy 21. This year the theme is My Friends, My Community. To celebrate, me and Magdalena are having a My Little Sister (who happen's to have Down's syndrome) films giveaway! Here is how to enter... Episode 9 is coming out in 10 days so catch up with the last 8 episodes & introduce your friends ...
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Agi K on location

New Year New website for agnieszkaproductions!

New Year, New logo, New website and a new style of music video for you! There's lots of exciting stuff coming up and you can now sign up to get my newsletter so you don't miss film screenings and DVD releases. This year there will be two episodes of My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome); Episode 9 with footage from 2014 (delayed release due to the robbery), and Episode 10 with footage from 2015. I'm looking for the right music to accompany them so if you are a musician who could help ...
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My time at VideoStar & tips on making music videos!

I've been working as a beta tester for 4 years for an app called VideoStar, and have just retired! It's been a major part of my life so far, and has definitely developed my skills as a filmmaker. Working as a beta tester involves, testing new effects and software, creating effects, sharing ideas with the app developers, in reality this means corresponding with the app developers and other beta team members on a daily basis as things are happening, it's like being part of a news team! The app was released in 2011, I discovered ...
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Agi K at Raindance Film Festival 2015

Agi K short at Raindance 2015

Getting your film screened at Raindance, Europe's largest independent film festival has got to be a major highlight of any filmmaker's career. And to experience this aged 13, with my film that I made last year, when I was 12 was a mindblowing amazing experience. My 5 minute short 'We the Mountain, We the Sea' was screened on Saturday night on the 3rd October before a feature about Charlie Hebdo. The short was made to accompany and illustrate the most incredible audio track of the same name, taken from the album Corpus Mei, which is ...
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Poster for short by Agi K-We the Mountain, We the Sea'

Short film by Agi K to be premiered at Raindance Film Festival 2015

Last year I was thrilled to be asked by the poet Penny Rimbaud (previous band member of CRASS) to make a short film to interpret and accompany We the Mountain, We the Sea a track taken from the album 'Corpus Mei', which is a collaborative venture between Penny Rimbaud and the producer Youth. The violinist is Isabella Kolaczynska. I found it very interesting to work with such a scenic track, as it's very different to other music I have worked with for other artists, which has mostly been along the lines of classic pop. I loved ...
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Appeal: Agi K burgled

I'm gutted, literally gutted. At the end of two brilliantly uplifting weeks of having My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome) screened at IYAF. Thousands of pounds worth of my film equipment that's taken me years to save up for and get, including hard drives with irreplaceable footage were stolen from our family car. I had everything of any value in the car as we were on our way to my sister's flat so I could edit a weeks worth of vlogging for my last seven vlogs of the festival. It was Sunday ...
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My Little Sister…wins IYAF Award

My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome) episode 8 has not only been screened twice at the International Youth Arts Festival in Kingston, London...but has won the Best of Fest. IYAF Under 17 Production award 2015! Here's a slideshow of snaps from the fest. I've come back from this festival fueled with confidence, positivity and new skills, because IYAF (International Youth Arts Festival) genuinely is about what it says it's about; celebrating creative youth, giving us platforms to be heard on, next to established artists who are already successful in the creative industries, ...
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International Youth Arts Festival 2015

'My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome)' screenings in London! Come and join us! About the International Youth Arts Festival (IYAF) where Episode 8 of My Little Sister...will be premiered (twice!) Launched in 2008, The International Youth Arts Festival is a fast growing festival which brings Kingston alive each year as selected young people from the ages of 5 to 26 showcase the very best in youth arts, selected from the UK and Internationally. This year's festival will be running for almost 3 weeks from the 3rd-19th of July. SREENINGS INFO: Tuesday ...
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It’s Summer, it’s Circus!

We've been outside all summer. With camping, friends, circus, tumbling, playing with our pet lamb, walking, trips, outside fires, parties, swimming, reading, meeting up with you tubers and of course, filming! Magdalena and I love being outside, and at the beginning of summer we went camping on a week long circus camp! It was run by Foolhardy Circus, and Panic circus. I learnt lots of new tumbling skills, and Magdalena perfected her Magic Bird trick. We made lots of new friends, and had tons of fun going to the discos, talent shows & parties each ...
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Film The House nomination!

I've just heard that 'My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome)' has been selected by my local MP as his choice for Film The House film competition 2014! This means that it will now be judged by industry experts along with the other selected films in their different categories from all over the UK. My category is the under 19s. Also, there is a people's choice winner. So, if you love the 'My Little Sister...' films and want to see them raising awareness about Down's syndrome by being screened in the House of Commons, ...
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Inside The Reveal-a film by Agi K agnieszkaproductions

So, I'm really excited to tell you that I've just finished editing my first major film of the year 'Inside The Reveal' A film about Heart & Sold's art and artists who all have Down's syndrome. I spent a week filming the exhibition on the Southbank in London, interviewing the artists, exploring their work and talking to the directors of this groundbreaking collective. The exhibition was called 'The Reveal' and was held during World Down's syndrome week. The experience was very exciting, thrilling and tiring all at the same time! I was pleased with my results ...
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Womans Own article 2014

Happy World Down’s Syndrome Day!

Happy World Down's Syndrome Day everyone!  To celebrate, me and My Little Sister Magdalena made a music video to 'Friends' by Jasmine Thompson She is an amazing singer and she has a beautiful voice, and she is only 13! I am completely in love with her songs. See our take on 'Friends' here: If you have Down's syndrome, then you have 3 copies of your 21st chromosome. So Magdalena has 3 copies of her 21st chromosome and I have 2 copies of my 21st chromosome. World Down's Syndrome Day is on the 21st of the 3rd month ...
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Agi K films The Reveal – Heart & Sold exhibition 2014

"Some very exciting news! Young but very talented film maker, Agnieszka Kolaczynska will be filming at the private viewing and celebration party for The Reveal...Agi will be interviewing artists and their families and capturing moments throughout the evening to produce a film that will match her previous wonderful, innovative and inspirational works." release by  director of Heart & Sold, Suzie Moffat I've been commissioned to make a film for Heart And Sold. So I'll be filming at the private view and celebration party of The Reveal in  London, near the Tate Modern and I've been working really ...
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What’s happening? New Year 2014

This week Magdalena is going to be 8!  I started this blog and released the first 'My Little Sister...' film when I was 8, three years ago. Now I'm 11, it feels like completion of one cycle and a good time to think about what I want to do next and how to make that happen. Annually I release the next instalment of our lives in January. But this year it's different as it's time for the next stage in the My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome) film and books project. So ...
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Blindsight hidden treasures

The best prize out of the whole NYFF Award ceremony was chatting to professional filmmakers and when I asked about female filmmakers that would inspire me I was being given the name of a brilliant documentary filmmaker...Lucy Walker. Her film Blindsight is a mindblowing film about 6 blind, tibetan teenagers who set out to climb up a 23,000 ft mountain on the north side of Mount Everest, led by their blind teacher and adventurer Sabriye Tenberken and the first blind person to climb Mount Everest, Erik Weihenmayer. This outline does not even scrape the surface of what this ...
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Agi K wins the Ones To Watch Award at the National Youth Film Festival Award Ceremony 2013

We've just come back from London, with an amazing experience never to forget! As you might have known previously, I was nominated for the National Youth Film Festival's 'Ones To Watch' Award. So last Friday Magdalena, me and my Mum and Dad went down to the Glitzy Gala Award ceremony at the Vue Cinema in Leicester Square with all the other industry selected nominees. Magdalena and me were very excited throughout the whole ceremony, but I was also very nervous! It was incredible viewing my film on the big cinema screen. When my name ...
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Agi K NYFF Film Award

SO, this is something way too exciting to be cool about, so I'm whooping and somersaulting here 🙂 It feels so brilliant to get recognition for what I do with every moment that I possibly can, film making is my life!! Whether I'm making films, running workshops and filmclubs, watching them, learning about them, writing about them, editing them, shooting footage, learning new software and studying effects, or devising new storylines, It's always what I want to do! Here's the press release! PRESS RELEASE Agi K has been shortlisted for an award in the National ...
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My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome) films

Episode 5 My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome)

So here, is the last, but not least episode of this year's "My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome) Episode 5" with footage from 2012 ...and then you will have to wait till 2014 to see what we've been up to in 2013!... So here are my notes about this episode. In this last episode of 13 minutes. I've put less of my own commentary but more shots of life as it happens. I've written a bit of background to some of the scenes below: You will see how Magdalena and I love ...
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Agi K filming on location in Spain

My Little Sister (Around The World) – in Spain!

This year, once again, we all went to Spain! We are very lucky, as my Dad was teaching at a Chinese Medicine congress in Barcelona, so being home educated and with my older sister not starting her music college until later in September we were able to go with him and have our own holiday further down the coast with Mum! I met lots of Spanish children where we stayed, and me and Magdalena had great fun practising our Spanish with all the children. I also made a music video with them (of course ahaha) ...
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My Little Sister (who happens to have D.S) Episode 6

Yesterday, was the 21st of August, which means another My Little Sister film is coming out! The 4th episode this year, with 2 more yet to come! This is all made with footage from 2012 After troubles with uploading (again) it has finally uploaded overnight and is live now! Yay 😀 Choosing how to use the footage left from last year, I chose to make this episode about nature, how much time we spend outside and the way we learn. As well as our daily chores like caring for the animals, cooking, washing, we also ...
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Agi K campaign poster for keep Merida brave

Disney Princesses, #Keep Merida Brave, Bechdel Test, Smurfettes and your children.

So with all this talk of princes and princesses... All the little children get excited when a new Disney film comes out, right? Although the Disney films seem sweet and your siblings and cousins enjoy them and have them on replay, and go to Princess parties in their tiaras, looking like they're having a great time...but I think there is something behind the seemingly innocent, heroic princes and 'glamorous'  princesses that we're missing... I first started looking into this issue when I heard about Disney's merchandising of  Merida from the film Brave. Now, Merida breaks the ...
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Keep Women on Banknotes

All male line up on British Bank Notes? Mervyn King (the Governor of the Bank of England) has announced Winston Churchillwill replace social reformer Elizabeth Fry as the face of £5 notes. "This means that, other than the Queen, there will be no women featuring on our English bank notes." "An all-male line-up on our banknotes sends out the damaging message that no woman has done anything important enough to appear" Sign the petition to keep Elizabeth Fry on our bank notes! 4th of July 2013 - latest news "We not only reached, but have actually passed our fundraising target ...
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Asghar Farhadi-a review

Occasionally I will be commenting on films that make me think or feel here..and hopefully, you will enjoy my thoughts enough, that you will want to see the film yourself! A Seperation Director: Asghar Farhadi This film is very clever, Asghar takes an everyday situation and turns it into a film. This film is...well it's just like life! Because it's not black or white, nothing gets fully resolved, and there are no happily ever afters. Half way through, it suddenly occurred to me that there had been NO music throughout! The soundtrack was purely ...
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Agi K campaign poster for keep Merida brave

Keep Merida Brave

Keep Merida Brave! About this campaign Merida, from Brave is a wonderful female role model for all girls, she was created to break the mould of a classic Disney princess. by being capable, fearless and refusing to marry, highly skilled at traditional male sport like archery, and not waiting for a prince or man to rescue her. Sounds like a great idea to me! So what's the problem...? Read on! Disney has now decided to give her a makeover, before distributing her around the world as dolls, on clothing, blankets, pillows and duvets, rucksacks, water ...
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Agi K film club, building the hackintosh and it’s my birthday!

Today is my birthday. Whipeee! I want to thank you all, for all for your support of me and what I do, your encouragement, comments and feedback, for sharing of my films, for following me on facebook, twitter and spreading the word, your advice, and your donations! (((drumroll))) AGNIESZKA PRODUCTIONS filmmaking fund has received £216 in donations this year! Thank you all so much. I have also earned money from dog walking and from running two *filmmaking workshops and a few tabletop sales. My family have contributed the rest and with the money we have nearly ...
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Dog Walking

Dog walking Me and Magdalena really, really, love dogs! Ever since I was tiny we've always wanted a dog. Our neighbours have a collie called Joe, (me and Magdalena always called him Joe Dog) ever since I can remember, he was a puppy around when I was born, and I used to curl up next to him when I was a baby, and so I've grown up with him, he's now 9 years old and I'm 10. I still love him loads! Whenever I get the chance I play with friends' dogs and when I ...
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Myth busting Down’s syndrome with My Little Sister

*"It's a myth that Down's syndrome makes you loving and compliant, Magdalena is very sweet but not all the time and nor am I, and we don't always get along as I will show you in this film"- Agnieszka Kolaczynska, My Little Sister...Episode 3 Part 3Hey guys! I've had lots of technical difficulties releasing this film - but I can now announce that My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome) Part 3 Episode 3 is now out! (footage of us from 2012) This film includes an awesome hair dance on the trampoline,  learning ...
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Swallows, Diamonds, The Croods, Nature’s calendar, London and Spring!

Hello there! Me and Magdalena have been out in the garden looking for signs of Spring. Have you spotted any signs of spring yet? We live 1200ft up in the hills of Wales, and Spring is just arriving here, although when we were in London last week, the blossom was out everywhere! Which just shows that even though the UK is a small island, it shows how even small differences in climate can have a big effect on nature, which is why Nature's calendar is tracking differences in nature all over the UK from year ...
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My friend Matilda came over for the day, and we decided to make a music video outside to Florence + The Machine's fabulous Dog Days Are Over. Look out for wild horses! We had so much fun making it, we spent the whole day jumping about in the woods, although we only ended up filming a couple of scenes there! I had a lot of fun making this video of me FLYING! I've been coming across some talented adults with Down's syndrome and their older brothers or sisters supporting them one of these is a ...
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Episode 4, My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome)

Episode 4 'My Little Sister...' Film, where Magdalena grieves for our rabbit who died. This episode (with footage from 2012) shows Magdalena coming to terms with the death of our pet rabbit. This has been a constant theme through 2012, (he died in December 2011) it has been really hard for her to understand that he isn't coming back and she has felt deep emotions about his death. Even since we have had our two new rabbits she still talks about "Billy-White" most days, we have to stop everything and talk about it before ...
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Plastic elephants, Judith Scott, Sayaka Ganz, World Education Games and Cleaning up the ocean with Boyan Slat

It's been a very rainy April and cold here, and dearn, with snow still lying on our hills. I've also been a bit poorly, so me, Mum, Magdalena & my older sister Isabella decided to get creating. We love singing along to lively music when we make art together. We like using junk to create with. A lot of our world's waste is made of plastic and so it makes sense to turn it into something useful or beautiful. Here's a slideshow of us turning plastic into beautiful things. We also covered plastic tubs in ...
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The R-Word and Jane Elliot

The first time I ever heard The R-Word (in case you didn't know the word I'm talking about is 'retard') was on the train. There were a bunch of high school kids opposite, & all but one were randomly taking pictures outside of the window. The one who wasn't taking pictures said: "That's so retarded." I asked mum what the word meant, I could tell it was an insult, or a word to put somebody down, and to make what they were doing sound worthless. And also I knew that it was offend full, ...
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Snow, rice pudding, Andy Goldsworthy & a quiz for you!

Hello! I hoped you all enjoyed My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome) Episode 3. Episode 4 is coming out on the 21st of April! It's very snowy here in Wales at the moment, and we're snowed in, which is quite fun because me & Magdalena have been sledging a lot. I've noticed how much more me and Magdalena and I can be trusted to go out together, like last year we couldn't go sledging by ourselves incase something happened, but me and Magdalena this year are able to go sledging by ourselves ...
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Agi K

What Makes A Good Film

As a filmmaker, I'm often asking myself, what makes a film good? It's more than the script, the effects, the actors, the camerawork, the soundtrack, the genre...This is one of a series of blogposts where I'm going to attempt to define what makes a film good. I'm going to be sharing with you brilliant quotes from filmmakers about filmmaking and quotes from films that I've watched with my parents, and my thoughts about these.  I'd love to have your recommendations for films and your thoughts about them. As usual most recent at the top! ...
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Episode 3 My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome)

The post you've all been waiting for, so now I can officially announce: My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome) Episode 3 Boy, haven't I been waiting to write that for a long time! Okay so best now keep you waiting, I've left you waiting long enough!! Here is My Little Sister...Episode 3! Look out for belly dancing, sandcastles, treasure in the sink, horse riding, and a visit to the library....Enjoy! I hope you enjoyed My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome) Episode 3! I certainly had a lot of fun ...
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World Down Syndrome Day – A Blog Full Of Socks!

What a great way to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day this year- to wear different socks! I'm sure everyone has had lots of fun wearing their different socks and taking photos and making videos! This blog post is going to be full of different socks! This is to show how we are all different and how that's what makes life fun! So first of all a huge THANK YOU! To all my friends for taking photos of them in their different socks, and making videos in them. When I sent out a message to all ...
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Who wakes you up in the morning?

Who wakes you up in the morning? Is it your dog? Your sister? Your alarm clock? Your mum or dad? Or your phone? Comment down below! The light wakes me up in the morning, coming through my skylight at 6:45, I wake up that early because the whole of outside is waking up and its fun lying in bed watching the sun come up through the window, and also normally I'll get up, throw some clothes on and make a music video! Who wakes Magdalena up? Well when mum's putting Magdalena to bed, Magdalena will ...
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Magdalena & Logan rock in music video

Logan & Magdalena in a music video to 'You're My Best Friend' by Queen. Yesterday, Magdalena's friend Logan came over to play, and as you know me and Magdalena love making music videos, so we all decided to make a music video! It was really fun, and Magdalena & Logan both had great ideas for it. Look out for the scene where Logan gives Magdalena a flower, then she gives him a hug - it's so sweet! Also look out for some makaton to the verse: 'You're my best friend' Hope you like it! Magdalena ...
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Agi K on edits and Instagram!

I first started my interest in filmmaking by taking photographs and being interested in photography. I enjoyed it so much, that I took my camera everywhere. My mad love of photography started when I was 4...That was, till I discovered a video camera when I was 7, which became my new obsession. Being able to turn my photos into moving images and adding sound, effects, and playing around with editing, was a whole new world to me. So three months ago I discovered Instagram and edits, editing is where you have 2 basic images/layers, and ...
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Cover for the very first My Little I made

When Magdalena was born

14th February 2013 Happy Valentines Day!  I'm going to tell you about what it was like when I was very little and my little sister was born. Hello, My name is Agnieszka and I'm 10 and I want to share with the world how much I love my little sister, Magdalena aged 7, (who happens to have Down's syndrome) so I make films and blog about our lives. This is how it started........ When my little sister Magdalena was born, I didn't know what to think, I was only 3 & couldn't work out ...
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(Don’t Mess Around) With My Little Sister! – Quick blog post for beginning of February!

Hello Guys! So yes, I'm disappointed to say that I am still staring at a crashing computer that I can't edit very easily on! But I am happy to say, I have marked nearly 5 hours worth of film across different hard drives that I will be using for the film. I am aiming to put it out on World Down Syndrome day on March 21st. World Down Syndrome day is on the 21st of the third month, because "A person with Down's syndrome  has 3 copies of the 21st chromosome instead of 2 so they ...
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Agi and Magdalena sledging

Snowed out for Magdalena’s 7th birthday, January 2013

Coming Soon: My Little Sister (Who Happens To Have Down's Syndrome Part 8 It's this time of year again, you're checking the youtube channel but just can't see Part 8 of My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome). Where is it? Well we went away, and came back to find ourselves snowed out of home due to 6 feet drifts: Yesterday night with a bit of digging we finally arrived home! And this morning after a long lie in I was straight away onto the film. I have sifted through, marked ...
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Georges Méliés

This is my new project, all about the famous film maker and magician, Georges Méliés... So who is he? Georges méliés father owned a wealthy shoe factory, and wanted his chilren to inherit it, but Georges had different ideas, he shamed his family by becoming interested in illusions, magic and puppetry. Later on, he sold his part of the factory to his brother, and with the money, he bought the Houndin theatre in Paris. Along with that sale, were several automatons (I have another project coming soon all about automatons!) After some practise, he opened ...
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Magdalena, my beautiful 6 year old sister with Down's Syndrome

Our Down’s syndrome family group.

Mum started a family support group when Magdalena was very little so families could meet up together and I've made lots of friends through it. In June we had our annual Central Wales Down's Syndrome Support Group Summer BBQ. It was really fun, because I got to see my friend Josie, (who lives 2 hours away) and Niamh (who lives a hour away) as well as lots of others. We had a great time, all playing with our younger sisters and going for walks and climbing trees together. Niamh, me, and Josie messing about together.We ...
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Agi K at cathedral in Barcelona

Barcelona,Picasso,Miro,Gaudi and bodyboarding

This Summer of 2012 now I'm 10, has been so busy! I saw the Olympic Torch in Sussex, we went to Barcelona (the main theme of this blog), We've had new bunnies, 2 of my teeth have fallen out, and I have my last 7 baby teeth (really) wobbly, I've been making big blackberry pies, We had our Down's Syndrome Support Group summer gathering, I went to the Picasso museum (that was incredible!) I've been watching Great British Bake Off, inspiring me to complete my cookery book "Sweetness without Sugar"and we had a fundraising concert ...
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Greenpeace Barbaric Barbie T-Shirt, And Molly my Guinea-Pig’s Birthday!

My 'Barbaric' T-Shirt Hey, what a lot of blog posts this July 2012! Oh and, another huge Double Summer Blog Post coming in a couple of weeks! But before that, this is my current one! Hello Readers! Do you remember on my Campaign Page (click here to see if you didn't see it) I wrote all about Greenpeace's fantastic Barbie campaign? To raise awareness and stop Mattel cutting down Indonesia's rain forests for Barbie's packaging (and other toy packaging) anyway, me and my friend Matilda, did a short video in my bedroom, and posted it up ...
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Agi K sewing

Sewing T-shirts & wool festival

Making new clothes out of old clothes and designing and sewing saves money, saves more stuff from being made which saves energy and gives a great feeling of happiness and satisfaction to create something out of "nothing". A while ago, I saw a t-shirt with a material guinea-pig sewn on it, and one with a horse on it, I really liked them, so I decided I'd try sewing a horse onto my t-shirt. Last night, in my dressing gown and pyjamas, I finished my horse t-shirt! If you want to have a go, it's simple ...
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Automatons Hugo and Machinations

Humans have always liked the idea of something being copied and made to look like them, and be like them. Like robots, for example, some robots look really human, and we are always curious as to how they can move and talk without a 'real' body, or a 'real' mind. Automatons are models, with machines inside them, in the form of people or animals. They can look exactly like an animal or person, or sometimes they can have their clockworks showing (which I think looks really interesting) Each automaton has a single talent that they ...
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My 10th Birthday & My new camera & Thank you!

June 2012. Today is my birthday, I'm now 10. For the last week, it has been rainy, muggy, miserable weather. But not today! Today, the sun is shining. Mum said when I was born (in the hot tub that Dad made in the barn) it had been cold and overcast, then on the day I was born, the sun came out. And also, she said, that as I was born, the baby swallows first took flight in the barn roof, above our heads. <--- Magdalena gave me a lovely big sketchbook, I can't wait to ...
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Rhubarb Crumble

June 2012. A warm day, and I was playing outside, when I noticed one of our three vegetable patches was absolutely full to the brim of huge rhubarb! So I decided to make rhubarb crumble-that is if I could carry all that rhubarb into the kitchen! Magdalena and I couldn't wait to eat it! But first I had to make it. It turned out so well I will be sure to include the recipe in my sugar free recipe book 'Sweetness Without Sugar.' Which I'm aiming to finish this year. Again, this recipe is sugar ...
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Mattel’s Chainsaw Barbies

June-Barbie News I've found a barbie opposite the BBC centre in the hedge behind the bus stop, the treasure hunt to find and plant "chainsaw barbies" around the world is part of Greenpeace's campaign to make people aware that the rainforest is being cut down to be used in their packaging. I was so shocked and sad when I found out about this that I wanted to join in and make other people aware. If enough people join in writing letters to Mattel it can be stopped. I was inspired to make a film about ...
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Agi K & Magdalena daydreaming 2012

Gill Lewis

My big sister was home educated with us but has now gone to 6th form at a specialist music school as she wants to be a violinist and that's the way she can get taught to the standard she wants, she won a scholarship so it's amazing.  At home now I'm the big sister. Anyway, we've always travelled around a lot with my sister being a violinist as she performs all over the place so we get to see different cities and art museums and meet new people. And last week we went down to ...
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Agi K next to spelling champ billboard

Photographers, Journalists, Radios, Tv’s, and Newspapers!

UPDATE ON THE PREVIOUS SPELLING BLOG Lots of exciting things in this post, including a link to a listen again of me on the radio! It is only up for a week, starting from the 3rd of May, so check it out now! And I am also on the TV! I have done a link for that. Also I have written about the fabulous photographer Ben, who came from Cardiff to take a photo for the newspaper.Yesterday a photographer from Cardiff called Ben came down to take my photograph for the Daily Mail and other ...
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Spelling Champion-World Education Games

I've done something really unusual, and it's a funny thing to be famous for...Spelling. This year I entered the World Education Games, and did the World Spelling Day. In the end I came 1st in Wales, 7th in the UK, and 31st in the world! As you know I am home educated, and I don't have lessons like children do at school, so never have compared myself to anyone before, so we were a bit shocked! So I had no idea that I was good at spelling. I had to spell correctly as many words ...
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Isabella performing at the Tabernacle Folk festival 2012

Tabernacle Folk Festival 2012

One of the great things about being home educated is that I get 'educated' all over the place, and not necessarily at home. We have spent a lot of March down in London, in Notting Hill, because my older sister Isabella, who is a violinist has been rehearsing with Tunde Jegede, Billy- Michael, and Richard.They have been composing a new piece ready for their performance at the Tabernacle in Nottinghill. Here is a photo of me and my friend Billy sitting on the balcony of the Tabernacle. The gig was fun, and inspiring, I loved ...
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Magdalena arranging peg faeries

Malachy Doyle

March 2012- Malachy Doyle Today in our local bookshop, Malachy Doyle was reading out his new book-Collywobble. Magdalena and me loved the book, so we bought it, and he signed it for Magdalena! After he had read Collywobble, he read another book he'd written: Owen And The Mountain.I loved that book, and it reminded me of where we live, so I got that one for me, and he signed it! H also read us his book that is coming out later this year 'The snuggle sandwich', which is really lovely. About snuggling up to the ...
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Agi K & Magdalena eating pancakes

Pancake Day

February 22nd 2012-Pancake Day I am 9 now and this year I made pancakes by myself. Lots of people ate pancakes yesterday for pancake day, (including me, I made the batter by myself without supervision, and cooked them on the gas by myself, and served them up myself, they were sugar-free, and tasted delicious!) but do you know why? We remember the forty days Jesus spent alone and hungry in the desert. Many people make pancakes to use up their fatty foods (eggs and butter) before a fast. We can give up something for lent ...
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Agi K makes party bags for Magdalena's birthday

February-Birthday party for Magdalena

February 2012 - Magdalena's Birthday Party For Magdalena's 6th birthday, she had her first ever party. It was a Charlie & Lola themed party, and I drew Lola onto every single brown party bag, (they are reusable, recyclable, and compostable plain brown bags), It took me fifteen minutes to draw all the Lolas. (on 22 party bags I drew an individual Lola). I wrote 'Thank you for coming to my party' on the back. At the end of the party Magdalena gave each of her friends a bag and said 'Thank you for coming to ...
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drawing by Agi K

Endangered Animals

Endangered Animal Course 2011 I've created a course called Animals In Danger. Click here to try out my course. It's fun and it's free! Endangered animals I have created my own course on endangered animals, click here to go to my course, it's called 'Animals In Danger'! It's fun and free. Did you know, there are lots of endangered animals, like pandas, tigers, organ-utans, yellow crested parrots, polar bears, whales...loads. One way to help animals is to adopt one, think of an animal that is endangered,like a panda, and you could then pay £3 ...
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My Little Sister…wins film competition

This January, I entered my first film competition, with My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome) This article was published in the Home Educating magazine 'Education Otherwise' January 2011 - My little sister Video Wins Prize Home Education Video made by 8 year old wins first prize in National competition. This little film My Little Sister (who happens to have Down's syndrome)  is a positive & inspiring glimpse into the way home educated siblings can teach & learn from each other, seen through the eyes of an 8 year old. One of the ...
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