Dec-jan 2013 rabbits, music videos & party

Okay so today is going to be a busy blog! Full of me and my friend’s music videos, the C.W.D.S.S.G Xmas party, rabbits… I better get started!

Agi K writing and singing songs 2012

Diamonds in the sky still Agi K & MatildaMusic Videos

I love making music videos, and have really been getting into it this year! It’s so fun 🙂 Here is a selection from my new page..  New page is: Music Videos!
This is my favourite music video ever. I’ve just received an email from “videostar” to tell me that they have chosen it to be featured on their channel, website, app, and facebook!
If you like it too, & have a YouTube or google account then please like it or comment on it! SO here it is, ‘Chasing The Sun’ by ‘The Wanted’:

Whenever my friends come over, normally there’s no question of what we’re going to do, it’s just going to be making a music video!

Nia & Agi K dressing up to act in the music video 2012Nia

Me and Nia like Jessie J music, and making up our own. We call ourselves AgNi Here is a music video we made a couple of weeks ago in Ceredigion museum:
Museums are great places to make films, they have some good backdrops and statues. For example, in this video you will see us in an old stable, that has two huge stuffed horses! It really feels like you’re in an old stable.

Sarah & Agi K filming a music videoSarah

Me and Sarah like making music videos of Duffy’s songs, The Verve, & Beyonce. Here are two music videos we made in August:

Josie & Agi K making a music videoJosie

Me and Josie like making music videos of The Black Eyed Peas, & Cascada. Here are two music videos we made in September:

Abi & Agi K & group music videoAbi

Me and Abi like making films, and are working on a couple of music videos at the moment. But till we’ve finsihed them, here is a group music video I led on a Friday night before synchronised swimming that includes me and Abi:


Me and my cousin Theo (who is the same age as my little sister,Magdalena) love making rock videos together:

Elan & Agi K making a music videoAgi K & Elan


Me and Elan make music videos to Jason Derulo, Kate Bush, Shakira & Beyonce. Here is a music video we made in early November to Cloudbusting:

Here are some photos from my music videos:
Agi K still from music video
Agi K still from music video

Agi K still from music video


Magdalena loves to watch me make my music videos, and also star in them. She also likes suggesting effects for me to use, and then watches them over and over telling me which bits she likes best, she is my number 1 fan! Here is one I made for her of herself:

D.S. family group xmas partyCentral Wales Down’s Syndrome Support Group

For the first time ever, Central Wales Down’s Syndrome Support Group has held a Christmas party!

D.S. family group xmas party

My friend Niamh and her sister Carrie

It was really fun and we had great entertainment, Angela & Ken singing carols, Panic puppets came

D.S. family group xmas party

and entertained us with a teddy bears circus, shadow puppet show and a miniature father christmas (me!) Who lost his beard before he entered the room!

Mum and dad cooked all the food which was really yummy! And me and Angela and mum cooked all the mince pies. We all had such a lot of fun! It was great for all of us older siblings to meet up again too.








Rabbits! Me and Magdalena have had a baby bunny each in November. Magdalena’s is called Lucy, and mine is called Liquorice.  It has helped me developed a deeper relationship in Magdalena somehow through it, as we can both enjoy the same thing, without having to be impatient whilst waiting for our turn. They are 5 moths old now.

Lucy, Magdalena's rabbit.

Lucy, Magdalena’s rabbit.

No doubt you will see them in my music videos soon! 🙂                I really love them and can’t wait for the summer when they can play out in the grass.

Agi K with liquorice and Lucy