Pancake Day

Agi K & Magdalena eating pancakes

February 22nd 2012-Pancake Day

Agi K makes pancakes for her little sisterI am 9 now and this year I made pancakes by myself. Lots of people ate pancakes yesterday for pancake day, (including me, I made the batter by myself without supervision, and cooked them on the gas by myself, and served them up myself, they were sugar-free, and tasted delicious!) but do you know why?

We remember the forty days Jesus spent alone and hungry in the desert. Many people make pancakes to use up their fatty foods (eggs and butter) before a fast. We can give up something for lent too and then we have Easter at the end of the 40 days. Another name for pancake day is ‘Shrove Tuesday’. Here is my brilliant Pancake recipe!


1 pint of milk (or if you are running out of milk ½ a pint of water ½  pint of milk) 8 ounces of flour, 4 eggs, pinch of salt

Mix the eggs and flour together, (or you can use an electric whisk, it will take less than a minute to do it with the electric whisk, a couple of minutes by hand) then when it starts to go into clumps, and sticks to the electric whisk/spoon then add the milk and water, stirring at the same time.

Stir again, and when little bubbles cover the surface, leave it to rest for 10 minutes.(you can keep this mix in the fridge for up to 2 days if you like)

When you are ready to cook the pancakes

Put a little oil in a frying pan. Heat this and make sure a thin layer of oil is covering the whole pan.

Ladle some mixture into the pan and let cook, until the ends start to curl, then flip it over with a fish slice, and leave for 30 seconds , and then put onto a plate.

Add what you like, we like maple syrup with lemon and fresh fruit. Roll the pancake up and eat!