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Agi K next to spelling champ billboard
Me outside our brilliant, independent newsagent, looking at the bill board that has my headline on it!

Me outside our brilliant, independent newsagent, looking at the bill board that has my headline on it!


Lots of exciting things in this post, including a link to a listen again of me on the radio! It is only up for a week, starting from the 3rd of May, so check it out now! And I am also on the TV! I have done a link for that. Also I have written about the fabulous photographer Ben, who came from Cardiff to take a photo for the newspaper.

Yesterday a photographer from Cardiff called Ben came down to take my photograph for the Daily Mail and other newspapers.

Here is a link to the Daily Mail article that was written about me and world spelling day, click on this word: Spelling Star

And this is Walesonline, click on this word: Spell Agnieszka


Heres the link to me speaking live on the radio, to hear me click on the following word:

BBC radio 5 Drive

This link will only work for 1 week, starting from today (today is the 3rd of May 2012) so watch it now quick!

It was so fun! I was shaking and I was really nervous at the beginning, wondering what they were going to ask me, but when I was speaking it was really fun. It was the last couple of minutes before the end of the show, and they were running late, so I was only on for 2 minutes.


When I had the article in our local Cambrian News paper, Wales News Agency read the article and contacted me through this website asking if they could write up a story about me and send over a photographer. Mum said “Okay which day?” and they said “The photographer is leaving now and will be with you in two hours, they want to run the story tomorrow morning”, and so in 2 hours, Ben came, (please look at his blogspot: and took the first photograph, of me standing by the ‘Llidiartywaun” sign. I told him it’s funny, because if you come in from the other way, then the sign to Llidiartywaun is spelt differently, with: Llidiartywaen with the e. I like spelling it with the u, because Waun means gate way to the moors, which describes where we live! Then we drove to our house, and he took a photo of me in the garden:

Daily Mail photographer photo of Agi K spelling champion

And then (my suggestion) me sitting in my window seat, which is where I love to sit and read my books:

Ben stevens phtographer for Daily Mail of Agi K spelling champ

It was really fun, especially as I love photography and was able to see what it is like to be a professional photographer and I can’t wait for the other photographer from the Shropshire Star to come and take some other photos for their newspaper!

Photographs taken by Ben Stevens, photographer from Wales News Service.

Do look at my new ‘About me and  my website page’.



I was talked about on TV too! On Channel 5 on the Wright Stuff program, you can watch it again here:

Agnieszka on channel 5 TV I’m on in the middle, if you find it when it goes to 45 minutes and 12 seconds, then they discuss me.

Something funny,

Several journalists have asked my mum if they can give me a spelling test, including the interviewier from Radio 5 live, And my mum replied “I’ve never given Agnieszka a spelling test, and I’m not about to start now, that’s just not what our home education is about” So I was thankful to hear that! Because if I had been given a spelling test, and I got a word wrong, it would be really humiliating! And that’s probably what happens at school, when children are tested all the time, and made to feel failures, and then stop trying.

All of this has become a total surprise to me! As I only did it for fun, for an hour of my life! Have you ever been in the newspaper, on TV, or on the radio for something you didn’t expect? Or something unusual? Please tell me by leaving a comment below, you know I always love to hear from you!

Update-June 2012

Here’s a film I’ve just made in a news report style! with the TV footage & radio which is no longer available on “listen again” & me speaking inbetween: