As well us uploading music videos to my YouTube channel, I also quite frequently vlog. I make videos on current issues, my opinions, advice, tutorials, and I also vlog live from events! Here is a collection of some of my vlogs and talking videos, in no particular order. I have also created a teaching resource for a workshop on How To Vlog that I’ve run at MozFest 2016 which is free for you to view, download and use here. How To Vlog Teaching Resource Workshop

I don’t go to school! Ever wondered what my education is like, this video explains.

MozFest Vlog Live Events from Agi K on Vimeo.

Mozfest The Art of Vlogging from Agi K on Vimeo.

How do you vlog? Here’s some tips and advice I have used for my vlogging.

Can Art Change The World?

My fourth vlog at IYAF where I attend a Bars and Melody concert & meet and greet with my friends!

IYAF where I get to have a chat with radio presenter Dana Hurley, aka Dobbs! I also go to the gala night where the trailer of my film is shown.

IYAF where me and Magdalena attend our first event together, and we take part in the carnival parade

IYAF where I attend the Next Level music night, and go to the K Games in Kingston skate park

Attending the International Youth Arts Festival launch party, after I was told that ‘My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome) Episode 8’ had been accepted into 2015’s festival.