Plastic elephants, Judith Scott, Sayaka Ganz, World Education Games and Cleaning up the ocean with Boyan Slat

It’s been a very rainy April and cold here, and dearn, with snow still lying on our hills. I’ve also been a bit poorly, so me, Mum, Magdalena & my older sister Isabella decided to get creating. We love singing along to lively music when we make art together. We like using junk to create with. A lot of our world’s waste is made of plastic and so it makes sense to turn it into something useful or beautiful. Here’s a slideshow of us turning plastic into beautiful things.

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We also covered plastic tubs in scrap photocopied paper to make and old wrapping paper to make useful containers and made a bouncing bird puppet from an old water bottle. The star was the shape on it’s bottom and we just cut around it and wrapped it. This puppet makes great shadows and Magdalena loves playing with it, we cut into some plastic florist’s wrapping paper to make a tail that flutters (and tickles!)


I also covered an old plastic horse and Magdalena covered an old mouldy bath duck. Can you see the old plastic milk bottles that we cut in half? The handles become the trunks of the elephants. My mum saw this idea from another home educating mum, Tracy. The other half of the bottles make excellent glue and paint pots.

We were inspired to use wrapping and covering techniques after looking at Judith Scott’s brilliant sculptures, Judith Scott transformed objects into colourful magical art. On her website there is a link to a film about her work. She “cocoons” objects and has created amazing pieces of art. They are bold and seem to talk with so many shapes and textures and colours to them. I love the large pieces in particular. She also happen’s to have Down’s syndrome like my sister.


Sayaka Ganz is another amazing sculptor who makes the most beautiful emotional sculptures of animals, out of old plastic. Click her name to see her artwork, it really is incredible: Sayaka says this of her “Reclaimed Creations”

“Creating energy and harmony out of discarded objects”

Watch Sayaka at work making this incredible life size and realistic sculpture of a horse all made out of found plastic:

It’s amazing how something ugly or broken can be made into something beautiful or enchanting There’s more about her work on the link: SakayaGlanz’sRecycledPlasticHorses Do you like making sculptures? If so, what sort? Comment below. On the talk of plastic, is I found a very interesting project. 19 year old Boyan Slat has made a plan that could remove 7,250,000 tons of plastic from our world’s oceans. Do you think this plan is possible? Listen to him talking here:

When I heard Boyan talking about his project I felt happy to hear somebody talking about solutions to the huge environmental mess that people have created. I was so shocked to see the image of the bird’s stomach, how could so much plastic possibly fit inside? I hope this project works, and more people from my generation put their minds to creating solutions to the problems we see around us.

1st in Wales 6th in U.K. 15th in World out of 5 million students-World Spelling Day 2013

1st in Wales 6th in U.K. 15th in World out of 5 million students-World Spelling Day 2013

Oh and I entered the World Literacy Day again for fun, which is an online spelling competition with 5 million children from 200 different countries taking part. When I was asked by the reporter last year if I would enter again I hadn’t thought about it,well I thought why not it’s very enjoyable as it’s live and very fast! I have still not been taught any spellings or had a spelling test, ever.  I do read A LOT and I do love the sounds and meanings of words and as you know I am always writing and I think spellcheck gets you to recognise when you are spelling something wrong too.










Spring is on it’s way, and look who’s come to welcome it for us, arriving Easter weekend! A beautiful wild rabbit who visits our garden every morning (we think he must be an escapee who has survived in the wild) He has joined ‘Corak’ the crow in the wild animals who are quite tame who like living with us:

Have you had any surprise animals visiting you this spring?
Look out for the rabbits in my next episode of “My little sister…” coming out 21st April!