Rhubarb Crumble

June 2012. A warm day, and I was playing outside, when I noticed one of our three vegetable patches was absolutely full to the brim of huge rhubarb! So I decided to make rhubarb crumble-that is if I could carry all that rhubarb into the kitchen!

Magdalena and I couldn’t wait to eat it! But first I had to make it. It turned out so well I will be sure to include the recipe in my sugar free recipe book ‘Sweetness Without Sugar.’ Which I’m aiming to finish this year.

Agi K & Magdalena making rhubarb crumble Again, this recipe is sugar free, and really delicious! We added organic apple concentrate instead of sugar.

I also love making Banana bread. The thing I love about making Banana bread, is you can use up old and black bananas as you want, and you can usually buy these cheap.

Agi K making banana bread 2012

I’ll let you know when our sugar free recipe book is ready!