RichMix Gold Expo

Agi K @Arts Award Gold Expo@RichMix June 2016

Arts Award Gold Expo at Richmix, London was a buzz! It was an exciting venue and the day was full of pop up performances, talks and exhibits. Thanks so much to all the Arts Award team for inviting me.

I was there to speak on the panel in the live show with Tom Innis (Arts Award Voice) Faz Shah (violinist & beat boxer Gold achiever) and Laura Gander-Howe from the Arts Council, alongside the screening of my short film Seat 35. The panel were discussing the value of Arts Award at Gold level and the skills gained had been in our creative work since.

I also got to meet and see the work of some of the ‘Can Art Change The World?’ winners. Last month I was invited to be on the panel of judges for this competition, which meant I was lucky enough to look through and talk about lots of brilliant art that young people are making. It was a great competition as it promoted art with a conscience. The panel spent hours discussing all the shortlisted pieces it was a really interesting process. And so it was wonderful to then get to meet some of the artists whose art I loved at the Expo.

Ten years of Gold Arts Award

So, the day was all about Gold Arts Award, a big 10 year celebration. I achieved my Gold Arts Award at oakwellbarns centre, three years ago when I was 11 (oops they said 12 on the panel talk) The most notable things that I did were:

  1. Researching montage techniques in visual art and applying them to my editing techniques, I created my SheWolf music video doing this and that started a trend in a genre of music videos in videostar, the app I was beta-testing for at the time.

2. Agi K filmClub developed as a result of the pilot film club sessions that I ran for my leadership component.

3. Ignited an interest in gender issues through my research and subsequent article about gender issues in film, you can read my article here

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More info about Arts Award

Arts Award  is a national qualification run by Trinity College London in association with Arts Council England. It is a highly practical and real-life qualification rooted in developing creative and leadership skills through a personal learning programme and it gives you a level 3 certificate in the Arts and is recognised by UCAS.  I highly recommend doing it. The award pushes you to try new things, step outside comfort zones, innovate, explore new art forms and create new art. It is rooted in the Arts World so you are working with professional artists and learning about the arts locally and nationally. Participating as a creator and as audience and writing reviews. You get to explore issues that affect the arts and discuss and form an opinion on these. And at the core of the award is the emphasis on documenting your work and getting and reflecting upon feedback. So by the end you have a portfolio of work to be proud of sharing.

I  gained a lot of confidence through doing mine, especially through interviewing other artists about their work, working in a team and leadership skills.

Because you plan and map out your own learning journey and challenges it helps to get organised and follow through with projects and ideas. You can set your own time scales and adapt as you go along. Its not about the end result its about the journey and what and how you learn along the way. Arts Award is fully inclusive and available to everyone up to the age of 25.”

And now to finishing the audio on My Little Sister…Episode 9! Watch this space.