Snow, rice pudding, Andy Goldsworthy & a quiz for you!

Hello! I hoped you all enjoyed My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome) Episode 3. Episode 4 is coming out on the 21st of April! It’s very snowy here in Wales at the moment, and we’re snowed in, which is quite fun because me & Magdalena have been sledging a lot. I’ve noticed how much more me and Magdalena and I can be trusted to go out together, like last year we couldn’t go sledging by ourselves incase something happened, but me and Magdalena this year are able to go sledging by ourselves for 15 minutes with mum watching from the window. Its such a great feeling, doing things with Magdalena just by ourselves.
But of course, it is really fun to do things with mum around and watching, because we can all share our joy together.
Here’s the first in a seasonal series of bite sized portions of Magdalena & I out and about. I’m calling these minute snippets of our lives: Mini ‘My Little Sister…’ this one is about sledging, it’s taken my camera skills to a whole new level, watch as the camera joins us on the sledge ride 😉

Me and Magdalena have been making ice sculptures after we watched video of Andy Goldsworthy which is really inspiring:

I love the way how nature is so wonderful, and I love how Andy Goldsworthy workes with nature and turns it into something more incredible and more wonderful than before. I love how he doesn’t use any man made materials, and my favourite piece of art that he has created is where he lies down on the grass just before it snows or rains, and then waits till it has stopped or the ground is completely covered, then he stands up and there’s an amazing print of his body.

I think the great thing about his artwork is that its so inspiring & addictive! I’ve been looking through his book and after reading it through and looking at all his pictures I was desperate to get outside and try out some of his ideas. I love how he works with whatever he finds and gets us to look in a new way when we see it. I like the way he uses the weather and light and how everything changes all the time, it makes his artwork exciting.

Agi K walking home down the mile track in the snow.For dad to get to work, he has to walk through 4 foot drifts down our steep mile track, which is very hard.
When he walks back from work I go to meet him, and I hope one day Magdalena will be able to walk with me as well! Me and Magdalena had a fun walk around the garden together, and we made an ice palace:
Agi K & Magdalena making ice scultures in the snow
Moss melting the snow by Agi K
It’s amazing how when things are covered and surrounded by snow how you look at everything anew. I love taking photos of nature and especially things in the snow! And remember, if you have a snow setting on your camera, be sure to turn it on to avoid blueish photos.

5 good things about the snow:

1) Sledging with Magdalena.
2) Feeding and watching the birds.
3) The bright light of the snow that continuously streams through the window.
4) We get lots of cosy time together.
5) It’s great for making films!

I’ve just finished making a snow music video, to a brillaint band called Of Monsters And Men I hope you enjoy the music video!

When we come in from sledding, me and Magdalena love to eat rice pudding. Rice pudding is really warm and yummy, an ideal treat to eat after playing in the snow! Here is the recipe for rice pudding:

Rice Pudding
3-4 portions worth (depending how big your bowl is – mine is huge!)
You’ll need:
Pudding Rice
Nutmeg (fresh is much nicer, grate it yourself)
Cinnamon (grate this too from cinnamon sticks)

Put half a cup of pudding rice into a pan, wash it thoroughly (you’ll be surprised how dirty it is!) then fill the pan with water up to just below the rice. Then add milk so it fills half the pan. Put the pan on a high heat. Add a handful of raisons/sultanas.
Then grate some fresh nutmeg so it covers the top of the milk. Then add a teaspoon or so of cinnamon.
It takes half an hour on a high heat, and an hour at the least on a low heat. Stir every so often, and watch out as it sticks fast! Add milk and water every so often when its dry, and when it runs out of liquid.A really delicious snack for cold days. Alternatively you can just leave this to cook in the oven in a casserole dish. I like cooking on the stove as its quicker, and tastes more ‘light.’
Agi K making rice pudding








Do you like rice pudding? Do you like making scupltures? Have you been sledging this year, and if so who do you like going sledging with? Your sister, your brother, your friends, your dog maybe?! Haha the last ones a joke – but maybe some poeple do go sledging with their dog or cat! Comment your answers down below.
Before I go, here is a quick quiz for Magdalena’s friends and anyone else who wants to try, can you guess the footprint?
Handprints in the snow
What handprints are these?
A) Adult handprints
B) Alien handprints
C) Dragon handprints
D) Child’s handprints




Guess the prints in the snow.
Is it:
A) A Fox
B) A Cat
C) A Dog
D) A Rabbit


Prints in the snow
3. Are they:

A) Childs footprints
B) Cat’s footprints
C) Dinosaur’s footprints
D) Bird’s footprints





4. Now the last! This one is for anyone, from 1 to 100! Can you spot the statue? And can you spot the little leaf I drew onto the picture? If the picture is too small, click on the image to make bigger.
stone angel hidden in the snow

Look forward to your answers & comments down below,
Bye for now!