Snowed out for Magdalena’s 7th birthday, January 2013

Agi and Magdalena sledging

Agi K & Magdalena 2012Coming Soon: My Little Sister (Who Happens To Have Down’s Syndrome Part 8

It’s this time of year again, you’re checking the youtube channel but just can’t see Part 8 of My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome). Where is it? Well we went away, and came back to find ourselves snowed out of home due to 6 feet drifts:



Snowed out January 2013

Yesterday night with a bit of digging we finally arrived home! And this morning after a long lie in I was straight away onto the film. I have sifted through, marked and written notes on the film from 2012 on the computer, and tomorrow I will sort through the film from the hardrive, and then hopefully start editing! I’m hoping for it to be out by the end of next week. And then I’ll do a blog about it.







Snow cake for Magdalena's 7th birthday

Magdalena is now 7!

Happy 7th birthday Magdalena! For Magdalena’s 7th birthday we were snowed out of our home and had no presents or cake for Magdalena! So I made her a snow cake in our friend’s back garden in town. I can’t believe she’s 7 years old! Seven years ago I was holding her as a new born baby in my lap!

Have you ever had or made an unusual birthday cake? Or had to change your birthday plans unexpectedly?