Spelling Champion-World Education Games

I’ve done something really unusual, and it’s a funny thing to be famous for…Spelling.
This year I entered the World Education Games, and did the World Spelling Day.

In the end I came

1st in Wales, 7th in the UK, and 31st in the world!

As you know I am home educated, and I don’t have lessons like children do at school, so never have compared myself to anyone before, so we were a bit shocked!
So I had no idea that I was good at spelling. I had to spell correctly as many words as I could, and as fast as I could in 1 hour, I do type very fast, because I have learned to touch type, I used a brilliant programme:

A newspaper reporter asked me how I learned to spell, which I wonder myself! I have never had a spelling test ever, I guess that It comes from reading tons of books, and writing millions of stories.
I’ve taught myself lots of interesting words, one of my favourites is globophobia which is a morbid fear of balloons, morbid means dwelling on horrible thoughts relating to disease or sickliness.

Anyway here is the link to the newspaper that wrote about me, it was the Cambrian news, I was on front page! Click here to read it.

And this link is to another newspaper that wrote about me, click on this word: amaZING spelling champion comes first in Wales!

I have appeared on the bill board outside the news agents…There are two bill boards for the newspapers favourite headlines. The following day the other bill board had my headline on it too from the County Times newspaper! I have had lots of people pointing and staring at me, and I think I am developing ophthalmophoia-which means a fear of being stared at!

I have also developed abibliophobia-which is the fear or anxiety for one to run out of things to read, which I am consciously worrying about!                                                            Also I have hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia! (That IS a real word, I’m not joking!) Which is a fear of long words, I defiantly have a fear of long words like that!

I highly recommend a book called Foyle’s Further Philavery, which is a great book full of amusing and interesting words, it is a ‘cornucopia of lexical delights!’

Here is a quiz especially for you! What do you think they mean, A, B, or C? Post your answers below with the comment machine and I will post the answers up here soon!

A. Fear of going to bed.
B. A fear of being separated from your mother
C. A fear of clingfilm

A. A fear of someone lurching onto you
B. An abnormal fear of otters
C. A fear of wolves

A. A person who uses sieves as much as they can
B. A female professional whistle singer
C. A person who nervously sniffs

A. Another word for Soldier
B. Another word for marzipan
C. A smashed window pane

A. A fib
B. A fiddle player
C. A girl who loves to dance

A. To itch
B. A tropical bean
C. A yurt filled with dirt

A. A unique horn on a car
B. A sharp blow
C. A wood cutter’s tool

A. A person who is always happy
B. A person who believes they will never die
C. A person who never laughs

It’s fun to use unusual words, and pass then on to people, and watch them come alive and start to be used all over the place!
I am waiting for your answers
I use many of theses interesting words that are all hiding in this book waiting to be used! If you are a writer, and love interesting words, I am sure this book is perfect for you!
Do you have any interesting words, common, or uncommen? I’d love to hear about them, or if you request a word you would like to use, I will sit at my writing desk in my room, open my book, and find the perfect word for you!

So please post your answers to the quiz and comments below…Just takes a click and a couple of letters…