It’s Summer, it’s Circus!

We’ve been outside all summer. With camping, friends, circus, tumbling, playing with our pet lamb, walking, trips, outside fires, parties, swimming, reading, meeting up with you tubers and of course, filming!
Giant bubbles with Prof. Panic at Foolhardy Circus CampMagdalena and I love being outside, and at the beginning of summer we went camping on a week long circus camp! It was run by Foolhardy Circus, and Panic circus. I learnt lots of new tumbling skills, and Magdalena perfected her Magic Bird trick. We made lots of new friends, and had tons of fun going to the discos, talent shows & parties each night!
We both had learned lots of new skills by the end, and incorporated them into the big finale show at the end of the camp.

I was very proud of Magdalena because she was very brave, and did her own solo act in the end show! She did devil sticks, & the magic bird with the brilliant Prof Panic encouraging her.

I’m sure you’ll see lots of what we did and about the camping experience in next year’s ‘My Little Sister…Episode 9’ film as I’ve been filming it all!

You’ll have to wait for the videos of me and Magdalena from Circus Camp, but for now, here’s a video of me tumbling all over the place this summer!
Agi K and Magdalena at home education circus camp disco

Agi K performing in show at Foolhardy Circus campMagdalena performing in the show with Prof Panic

Talking of My Little Sister, I am pleased to announce I have just started editing this year’s episode of ‘My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome)’ after sorting all the footage from 2013. It’s going to be released on the 21st October! Keep up to date with it on my Facebook event page.

So to leave you on a happy summertime note, here is one of my recent music videos!

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