Swallows, Diamonds, The Croods, Nature’s calendar, London and Spring!

Agi K & Magdalena finding crocuses

First signs of spring – the crocuses are out!

Hello there!
Me and Magdalena have been out in the garden looking for signs of Spring.
Have you spotted any signs of spring yet? We live 1200ft up in the hills of Wales, and Spring is just arriving here, although when we were in London last week, the blossom was out everywhere! Which just shows that even though the UK is a small island, it shows how even small differences in climate can have a big effect on nature, which is why Nature’s calendar is tracking differences in nature all over the UK from year to year, to build up a picture of how climate change is effecting nature. So, have you spotted any of these where you live yet? Hyacinths? Daffodils? Crocuses? Wood anemones? Oxeye daisies? Rowan buds? Ladybirds? Nesting birds? If you have any of these or any others then please leave a comment below, and head over to Nature’s Calendar to fill in your sightings! Your sightings are very important, as they contribute to important scientific studies and in the last 30 years things have dramatically changed.
In this short video, Kate explains why we so urgently need everyone’s recordings:

So head over to Nature’s calendar to enter your sightings.
We are lucky to have swallows and swifts nesting in our barn and we get excited when we see them return around this time of year, did you know that they fly all the way to Africa for the winter months? So it feels enormous when we see them return from thousands of miles of flying across seas and mountains and deserts,through storms and heat and rain. It’s amazing and the way they dart through the air is beautiful to watch. Have you seen the first swallow yet? If you have you can tweet your first sightings and where you saw them to Sky Jewels – @Swallowsighting and tell them about your swallow sighting!
Also, as promised from my last blog, here is the music video that me and Matilda made dancing on the rooftops amongst the chimney pots of Old London Town last week, I felt like Mary Poppins!

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Contactafamily Film & workshop session

Simon from Pigtown Theatre Company leads a drama workshop based on the film we watched with Kate from contact a family

Magdalena had a new experience last weekend, as the support group my mum runs went along to Contact A Family’s family film screening day.
It was brilliant, because they hired out the cinema so we had it all to ourselves! lots of families with children with different disabilities were there. It was great not having to worry about disturbing other people, and it meant that we could laugh and giggle! Magdalena really enjoyed the film – The Croods . It was great for us to all go to the cinema together as a family, Magdalena had never been before and we weren’t sure how she would react, but she loved it and laughed out loud at the funny bits it was special and a rare thing all being able enjoy the film together. She loved that her friends Logan and Ida came too and that they were able to sit together. The two Kates from Contactafamily made it a relaxed friendly day, we had such a nice time so if you see they are putting on a family film day near you I highly recommend it. It was great!
Afterwards, Simon, from Pigtown Theatre Company led a drama workshop based on the film we had watched. Magdalena really enjoyed it and helped her to express and assimilate what she had watched.

There are lambs everywhere on our Welsh hills at the moment, and we love to see them frolicking, we had a surprise though when we went to our piano lesson a few weeks ago and looked in the barn…watch this 36 second clip to see what we saw!

It’s meant to be a heatwave tomorrow…Yipee! If there was a colour for today, it would be white because it’s so bleak and mum-chance…
I love to read your comments below! Bye for now! Next episode of My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome) out on 21st May!
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