Tabernacle Folk Festival 2012

Isabella performing at the Tabernacle Folk festival 2012

At The Tabernacle Folk Festival Agi K & Billy HillOne of the great things about being home educated is that I get ‘educated’ all over the place, and not necessarily at home. We have spent a lot of March down in London, in Notting Hill, because my older sister Isabella, who is a violinist has been rehearsing with Tunde Jegede, Billy– Michael, and Richard.They have been composing a new piece ready for their performance at the Tabernacle in Nottinghill. Here is a photo of me and my friend Billy sitting on the balcony of the Tabernacle. The gig was fun, and inspiring, I loved Eliza Carthy’s singing, she was so relaxed, It made her very powerful. And her voice was so strong it shook the balcony! There were other great singers and storytellers and I loved the way Tunde played the cello and his Cora and Billy did a great set with his fiddle playing. Magdalena enjoyed the music too in between making friends with other children in the cafe below. The Tabernacle folk festival happens annually and involves roots, folk, and classical musicians from around the world, working together to create new pieces of music. Below is a short film of my big sister rehearsing with Tunde, Billy and Michael that me and my mum made:

We have been to portobello road lots, as it is right next to the Tabernacle. I love portobello road, and have been hula hooping and heelying around it. My favourite place to eat is The Grain shop as it has the most amazing sugar free cakes, my favourite is the raspberry slice. I love hearing all the different languages, interesting styles of clothes and food from different cultures. There are lots of really good market stalls and shops. Lots of live music in the streets and it’s very crowded on a Saturday with the market.There is a good park opposite the Tabernacle, in Powis Square, in the breaks of the rehearsals, me and Billy ran across the road to the park to play on the climbing frames! I love traveling and making friends with people I meet, I have met loads of friends in the park, children from America, Afghanistan, Poland, Italian and France. I can’t wait to go to next years festival!
Are there any music festivals you recommend or great places in Cities you’ve visited? Please leave comments below!