What’s happening? New Year 2014

Agi K & MagdalenaThis week Magdalena is going to be 8!  I started this blog and released the first ‘My Little Sister…’ film when I was 8, three years ago. Now I’m 11, it feels like completion of one cycle and a good time to think about what I want to do next and how to make that happen.

Annually I release the next instalment of our lives in January. But this year it’s different as it’s time for the next stage in the My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome) film and books project.

So far
Since starting three years ago, this film project now has a life of it’s own, the first episode has 24,000 views. There are 10 episodes in total, including the mini My Little Sisters and My Little Sister Around the World. Over 7k subscribers to my youtube channel. I have received £983 in donations towards my filmmaking fund over three years and regular emails of support from around the world and last November won the NYFF “One to watch” Award. During this time I have become mad about film making and it’s time to take it to the next level.

The next stage is both arduous and EXCITING and needs TIME and hard work.

This is to improve the quality of my films, enter them into film festivals, get them onto the big screen and reach greater audiences.

To do this requires a HUGE leap forward and as well as it taking a lot of time, I need technical support in several specific areas ( if you know anyone who could help me technically then please point them in my direction)

So I’m making a PLAN:

Agi K filming aged 5

Agi K filming 5 years old

1.The My Little Sister… films are a life-long documentary project of mine, and will continue with their off-shoot projects, including the ‘My Little Sister’ books alongside my other filmwork.

2.These next films require learning of new editing softwares, professional support with technical aspects and funding for equipment, and all the expenditure needed to enter film festivals and attend film festivals and trainings.

3.I’m going to get a kickstarter campaign going to fund this.

4. I want to get this blog working properly, so I need to pay someone to do that, so far I’ve been doing it myself and I’m stuck!

5. I am going to put my films onto Vimeo, where they can be viewed at much better resolution and will be available to download to rent or buy for personal or professional use.

The next ‘My Little Sister…’ film  will be released sometime later this year via my Agi K vimeo channel. Like my FaceBook page and follow my twitter to keep updated!  We are in the process of transferring over memory files and hard drives full of 8 years of footage over to the hackintosh and trying not to lose anything in the process, our old computer is completely chocker block. This is a long and complicated process and right now we are stuck needing some technical assistance with this.

As ever, I will be blogging here the same as usual!

What else has been happening ?


I’ve been having a tidy up & 50 odd pages from when I first started this blog are now gone! I have been doing a lot of artistic photography known as ‘Edits’

Here’s one I made of Magdalena, she loves watching me edit and chose the effects she wanted me to use for this photo.

I now have an online photo gallery of prints available to buy: http://www.photoboxgallery.com/agik

More of my photography to view here: instagram.

Music videos

Magdalena printmakingI have continued to progress with my music videos, improving effects, narrative and image resolution. If you are a singer/band who would like me to make a music video to your songs, contact me.

Being educated outside of school, Magdalena and I find ourselves in many different places, every place we go I view as a potential location. “Blue Jeans” was made at an art gallery whilst Magdalena was doing some monoprinting with Mum. I did some too, but was pulled away by the enticing gallery space and went off to film in it. Magdalena did some great artwork that she was proud of, as you can see here. She drew shapes, then mum cut them out for her, she arranged them on a pre-inked up glass then with mum’s help she rolled over them with ink and pressed the paper down, then peeled it off. She LOVED doing this.

The exhibition that I was filming in was by the Manchester Jewellery Network-a collection of body adornments based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

You can view it here:

Here’s a music video to “You make me” by Avicii made with Final Cut Pro X

Thanks for your support and Happy New 2014!