Who wakes you up in the morning?

Agi K & Magdalena wearing brightly coloured socks for World Down's syndrome dayWho wakes you up in the morning?
Is it your dog? Your sister? Your alarm clock? Your mum or dad? Or your phone? Comment down below!
The light wakes me up in the morning, coming through my skylight at 6:45, I wake up that early because the whole of outside is waking up and its fun lying in bed watching the sun come up through the window, and also normally I’ll get up, throw some clothes on and make a music video!
Who wakes Magdalena up? Well when mum’s putting Magdalena to bed, Magdalena will tell her who she wants to wake her up in the morning. It will either be me, dad, mum or Isabella, when she’s back from college.
This morning, it was me :). Of course, when you ‘wake Magdalena up’ she’s already awake, all I do is creep into her bed, stay there for a couple of minutes and then say ‘Magdalena it’s morning!’ and she will be so happy that I have woken her up, and done what she asked. If Dad or mum had gone in this morning when she had asked for me, she would have got cross, because she likes to choose and know that she has been listened to.

Agi K & Magdalena wearing brightly coloured socks for World Down's syndrome daySo you think why am I asking who wakes you up in the morning? Well because, this morning, I woke Magdalena up, and we went into my bedroom (wearing unmatched socks…) and started making a quick music video to ‘Beautiful Uncertainty’ by Kuba Oms.
In case you were wondering, we were wearing colourful socks because on World Down syndrome day people all over the world will be wearing different socks to show that people with Down’s syndrome are different but the same! This is to show that none of us like feeling left out, people with Down’s syndrome are no exception. They want to be treated the same as anyone else does, and included, so reach out and get to know the person, not the condition.



Agi K & Magdalena wearing brightly coloured socks for World Down's syndrome dayAn pair of socks may be a different pattern or colour but can still be worn together quite happily if we change our attitudes about having to wear matching socks.
So to wear odd socks is to remind us that the way we think, is really important and makes a difference to whether people with Down’s syndrome feel included or not.
Here is the music video me and Magdalena made, please like it on YouTube and leave a comment! 🙂

Click here to view our music video!

So, please wear different socks for World Down Syndrome Day! And then send me some pictures of you wearing different socks via my Facebook page and I’ll feature them on my website 🙂 looking forward to seeing them!

Bye for now! Agnieszka, March 2013