Sewing T-shirts & wool festival

Agi K sewing

Making new clothes out of old clothes and designing and sewing saves money, saves more stuff from being made which saves energy and gives a great feeling of happiness and satisfaction to create something out of “nothing”. A while ago, I saw a t-shirt with a material guinea-pig sewn on it, and one with a horse on it, I really liked them, so I decided I’d try sewing a horse onto my t-shirt.
Agi K sewing a horse on a T-shirtLast night, in my dressing gown and pyjamas, I finished my horse t-shirt!

If you want to have a go, it’s simple. It helps in practicing patience and perseverance as sewing takes a lot of patience! I usually need to re thread my needle lots of times and not get frustrated when it seems like it’s going wrong. Its good to sit next to someone calm when you are sewing. Mum reads out loud when I sew, it’s lovely to sew¬†whilst listening to a book.

Agi K wearing the T-shirt she made

1.Draw a design on paper & cut it out

2. Pin this onto an old woollen sock that’s “felted” from being washed too often and on too hot a wash. Cut round the pattern and pin it onto an old T-Shirt.

3.Use an embroidery frame to stop stitches from puckering.

4. Sew your animal (or anything you want!) onto the T-shirt. I used blanket stitch round the edges and then made stitches to look like the mane and tail.

Have you ever sewn any projects like that? Do you like sewing? Please leave your comments below, and share your ideas for good sewing projects.
Willow sculptureYou can get inspired by going to craft exhibitions. A couple of weeks ago we went to The Free Wool And Willow Festival. It was at the Minerva Art centre.

It was really inspiring, and it was joyful seeing the great ideas people have had and made. We visited it four times!

Felt SlippersFelted teddy





willow coffinThere were some really beautiful sculptures made out of willow, like a duck I saw, with an elegant neck. Also baskets and coffins. I loved all the sheep’s wool knitted, woven and felted into fantastical pieces of art as well as being useful like pin cushions and tea cosies. When something has been made by hand you can feel the love and there were so many colours and textures, it was full of felted dollslife.










As I was writing in the guest record book, I noticed a signature I recognised…Malachy Doyle’s! I went over to mum, and I said:

“Mum Malachy Doyle’s in town!”

And then someone who was looking at the stall behind us said: “Indeed, I am” It was Malachy Doyle himself!