World Down Syndrome Day – A Blog Full Of Socks!

What a great way to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day this year- to wear different socks! I’m sure everyone has had lots of fun wearing their different socks and taking photos and making videos! This blog post is going to be full of different socks! This is to show how we are all different and how that’s what makes life fun! So first of all a huge THANK YOU! To all my friends for taking photos of them in their different socks, and making videos in them.

Drawing by Agi K of different socks for World Down's syndrome day








When I sent out a message to all my friends asking them to make a short video or photo, I was really touched when I got lots of photos and a couple of videos back – can’t wait to show them to you! None of these friends have siblings with D.S. I feel touched that they have joined in and reached out to get to know more about Down’s syndrome as this to me is what World Down’s syndrome Day is all about. I have made lots of friends through my music videos and blog from as far away as Denmark, & Edinburgh, to New Jersey U.S.A and Portsmouth U.K. We all keep in contact via Skype & letters, its great to have so many friends all over the world! So to open up my blog, I’d like to start with a video by my friend Justin from the States who has made a brilliant video to some words I wrote for World Down Syndrome day:

With all your photos and videos I have put together a short music montage, enjoy!
Next, I’d like to show you a really lovely video my friend, Hattie, made for this blog, of her and her brother Clarke with their different socks:

Here is another one!

Next in my blog, I’d like to show you some brilliant photos:

Wearing different socks for World D.S. awareness day

My friend Hattie & her brother Clarke from Denmark

Rolo with her dog from Bristol wearing different socks

Montage of friends from around the world

This is me and Magdalena’s different sock video:

Remember World Down Syndrome Day is a day to celebrate the wonderful people we know & have yet to meet who have Down’s syndrome. I am leaving you with a video made for WDSD that I really love, because it is full of love, gratitude & positivity, and it’s so true! Made by a mummy – Eliana Tardio – of two children with Down’s syndrome. Enjoy it!

I hope you have a good World Down Syndrome day, and remember to wear your different socks! Finally I can announce that My Little Sister (who happens to have Down’s syndrome) Episode 4 is coming out for World Down Syndrome Day!

See you on World Down Syndrome Day! That’s 2 days away! 😉